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Log in Sign up. Themes Categories. Popular Free Themes. Minimalist by david. Piano by radel. Limes by lornings. Kaizen by jgfreshtech-blog. Always improving for the better. Express yourself with a Japanese style theme inspired by a lifestyle of improvement and becoming better. Alumia by zenhance. Emily's Hope by emilysnevaury-blog. Shiro by rndscrshot. Metamorph by locallysourcedcreatives-blog. Metamorph is a free Tumblr theme based on Bootstrap 3 framework. It is ultra-minimal with small but readable fonts, small photo option, automatic truncation of text-post in index pages and many more.

Tiger the tiger tumblr theme. Orange Pop by cutesiness. Classic Responsive by odevillardi. Oh, and it's made with Bootstrap. Cristal by oxigenio-themes.Skip to content. Ascher-Racing offers high-end simulator equipment made in Germany. Martin Ascher was part of the OpenSimwheel movement in and started to develop paddle shifters at that time. His product portfolio now covers not only paddle shifters but also clutch paddles, servo mounting brackets as well as complete button plate and steering wheel solutions.

His brand stands for top quality products with an unmatched price-performance-ratio. His products are widely accepted so that he recently expanded his market reach to general automotive as well as real racing applications. Visit Ascher-Racing. You can choose between many different types and sets of data to present the race in your own way.

How to install the Fox 2015 theme in ATVO

Visit appgineering. No gimmicks, no false promises, just awesome online broadcasting. The premise behinds the brand was simple, to strip away all the jargon being used to sell broadcasts at an overly inflated price, and concentrate on the producing the best quality broadcasts. After being awarded the contract for many iRacing Series, we have been able to demonstrate the unwavering quality of our work. Visit RaceSpot.Information about our broadcast services can be found on this page.

We also offer a range of additional services, should you wish to take your broadcast experience to the next level. Depending on the number of broadcasts you purchase, there may be a small fee payable for these services, or we can include them in a quotation for some of our season packages.

Complete this form, and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Whilst we will do all we can to accommodate your request, please note that there is a limit to the number of broadcasts that we can run at any one time.

Therefore, we advise you to check our upcoming events list before making a request, especially if you are only looking for a one-off race.

atvo themes

Our single event broadcast package provides 2 hours of broadcast time, making it suitable for any race up to 90 minutes long. If your broadcast is longer than 6 hours, you will need to select our Endurance Race broadcast option Though, this will save you money! For commercial distribution, please contact us for a more detailed quote. A single endurance race broadcast is perfect for those looking to run a one — off event lasting more than 6 hours. For shorter broadcasts, you should consider our single event broadcast.

We have more experience of running endurance race broadcasts than any other sim racing broadcaster on the planet, frequently broadcasting 6, 8, 12 and 24 hour broadcasts.

We cover at least 4 24 hour events a year, and are unrivalled when it comes to our organisation, insight, and expertise. Although the name implies that this broadcast package is for endurance racing, it is also perfect for those running an extended heat racing event, such as our coverage of the iRacing Chilli Bowl in early It is not always possible to accommodate requests, especially where there are various competing events within a timeslot.

Whilst we have a large production team, endurance races use a higher level of resource compared to other events. This is because of the unique logistical challenges involved in such an event. All broadcasts feeds will be exactly the same just like the World Feed for Formula 1, as an example. We can provide commentators in English, German, and Portuguese. You are of course more than welcome to provide your own commentators should you choose.

We offer a number of services that can help you get your event onto TV. This includes providing an ultra-high quality version of your broadcast, with all audio tracks, separated Car sounds, commentators, music, etc. We can also provide editing of live events, as well as conversion to any TV format, up to p.

atvo themes

An advantage of booking a season package ensures you have a regular broadcast slot, adding familiarity to viewers, as well as being able to have a dedicated commentary team for your entire season. As with our single race event package, 2 hours of broadcast time is included, making this perfect package for those running races of 60 — 90 minutes.If you are looking for third party themes, they are listed in the MkDocs community wiki.

If you want to share a theme you create, you should list it on the Wiki. When creating a new theme, you can either follow the steps in this guide to create one from scratch or you can download the mkdocs-basic-theme as a basic, yet complete, theme with all the boilerplate required. You can find this base theme on GitHub. It contains detailed comments in the code to describe the different features and their usage.

The bare minimum required for a custom theme is a main. Within mkdocs. The path should be relative to the configuration file. For example, given this example project layout:. Generally, when building your own custom theme, the theme. However, if the theme. For example, with the above layout and if you set name: "mkdocs" then the main. This is useful if you want to make small adjustments to an existing theme. For more specific information, see styling your docs.

When an entire theme exists in theme. However, when a theme is packaged up for distribution, and loaded using the theme. The body content from each page specified in mkdocs. Style-sheets and scripts can be brought into this theme as with a normal HTML file.

Navbars and tables of contents can also be generated and included automatically, through the nav and toc objects, respectively. If you wish to write your own theme, it is recommended to start with one of the built-in themes and modify it accordingly.

As MkDocs uses Jinja as its template engine, you have access to all the power of Jinja, including template inheritance. Therefore, the built-in themes are implemented in a base.ATVO is a broadcasting overlay software that allows it's users for show additional information for their viewer live on screen during a broadcast. It works on the data provided by iRacing's software development kit, calculates addional data based on what iRacing delivers and presents it customizably right on screen.

You can choose between many different types and sets of data to present the race in your own way. Use customized Themes to make the race and the broadcast yours.

atvo themes

Create your own themes, widgets, etc. Personalize your broadcast. Use scripts to show even more information to your viewers. Share your themes with others. Coming soon: Animations! It helps in a very easy way to build and customize your overlay. You'll soon be able to create your own themes as well since we got this new, awesome feature in development!

Ever wanted an intuitive way to control your broadcast overlay? ATVO is probably your tool of choice! Let your commentators receive more information about the drivers. You can re-arrange every part of the control window. Build your own control-layout to have all information available the way you want it to be! Here is a quick overview of the most important features: Use customized Themes to make the race and the broadcast yours.

First start: Load theme

Trackmap See what's going on our trackmap. It's live! Timing Screen Let your commentators receive more information about the drivers. Session Events Missed an event or incident? Just jump towards this event by double-clicking it!WE are widely travelled and this tour is a highlight. From the word go you have paid meticulous attention to detail, but in a very friendly way. Kolbrun was prompt in her replies to our sometimes trivial questions.

There were no omissions to the detailed information and it was provided in an organised format. This holiday certainly had the WOW factor. Our travel councillor Kolbrun is very good. Any question I have, she always tried her best to answer. When I told her about my walking condition she booked hotels close to stations or the ship we needed to do. She made our trip smooth and enjoyable. It was first time using a self directed trip, and we were a little worried about the connections, but in fact it was very easy and smooth.

Everything was wonderful, you more than met our expectations. The quality of the rooms and hotels was excellent, the locations were perfect. Sofia was an outstanding person to work with. She managed everything, assisted us in getting a visa issued and when there was one small glitch, promptly arranged for a refund for that portion of the tour.

If I book another tour, I will not hesitate to request her again. I couldn't be happier. Oh yeah, Scandinavia is pretty cool too. We both felt the whole package was really well organised and structured. The road map was well marked with things of interest and the Iceland Road Guide was an excellent source book. Hotels were good quality and staff were helpful and really welcoming. Meals in hotels were good. Meals in restaurants were invariably good and (particularly Nordic Visitor's recommendation in Stokkseyri) often excellent I'm convinced that Nordic Visitor sells a high quality and well organised product.

We enjoyed our Iceland experience hugely and I'm certain our family will return. This was a great experience of a beautiful country. Iceland was a wonderful experience -- the scenery, the culture, the history, the colorful houses, the sheep and horses in their wide-open spaces, the fascinating geology, and even the language. We are thankful to all of you who helped us to enjoy this experience and to bring home the memories. The itinerary, highlighted map, mobile phone, and GPS with the rental car were all very helpful.

The hotels were fantastic and food (though expensive. We especially enjoyed some of the suggestions Solveig noted on the map along the way.Keep on sharing good things and I appreciate you for helping people around. So what should one do if one steps back, looks at the thought and it is true. I remember my mother used to tell me back in the old days people used to live simple, pure life.

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