Drarry fanfiction jealous ginny

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". What happens when two oblivious idiots come together to try to pen down a story? It doesn't lead to chaos, it leads to several small life changing moments of realisation.

Draco won't stop teasing Harry while he's trying to study. On a whim, he casts a spell to tie Draco up. Neither of them expect it to turn them on so much. A year has passed and Harry's and Draco's relationship is still going strong.

drarry fanfiction jealous ginny

They are happily in love, their bond is stronger than ever. Or is it? Could it be that everyone suddenly seems to have an agenda? Just how are Harry and Draco going to cope with everyone's opinions?

What follows is a story of questioning alliances and prejudice.

drarry fanfiction jealous ginny

For those who love equal footing between the main characters and a healthy relationship Attention! I only said healthy in the relationship doesn't necessarily apply to the characters though. For those who don't Plus it only goes with botTom because I find those dorks cute and where we find powerless either physically or mentally even magically Harry.

I think that I want to increase the fic numbers in that section of HP community; there's just not enough of those! My conclusion For those who are curious enough to read this well!

Welcome to my world of wonders and magics where nothing is impossible, the only limit is the limitations of one imagination. Where we will go to a different journey together!It was supposed to be around 2k long but I sort of got carried away and made it to 5.

Disclaimer: No, I don't own the book or the characters as I am not a northern girl. The yelling never helped her case. With who? He lives alone, refuses to meet up with Ginny even for coffee —you know how she has been nearly tripping over his shadow to get near him since she found out he was single. I really wish she would get over her crush Harry isn't gay Why would he do that?

Ron had opened it half way as he spoke. They didn't dare move in case his wrath turned upon them. Mudblood was a name she remembered well. Draco Malfoy.

No wonder Harry was screaming. You know my father is a prick! It's why I don't bring you to my housebut that's why we got the flat, so you didn't have to put up with my parents nagging about shit like that and I didn't have to put up with your wannabe relatives!

You wish they did! Do you know how many times I've come into a room where someone is badmouthing me and just ignored it?

I'm used to being hated Harry, it's my fault and my fathers, but I can't stand it, even if I don't like them, that you're family, hates me too. If you didn't love them so fucking much none of your old crimes would have even been glanced at. But you got the dark-mark, and whoopdie-do, people hated that.

Harry and Ginny: A Jealous Romance (Part 1)

Not you. They hated what it stood for and I blame your withered ball-sack of a father for it! I don't go to the manor to see himI go to see my mother.

You know, the woman to save your life? I didn't even want a death. I've never been able to kill anyone, even if they tried to force me. Torture I could manage because I knew they wouldn't die, just suffer, but death? No one needed that. I want to apologise to them but having the twin shoot hexes at me when I try, his mother start crying, the father just looking on in that 'I wish I could forgive you, but you know the family is set on wanting you dead' is harsh He must have bashed his head or fist on it.

I didn't know When we fuck up, everything really does go tits up. I never thought I'd be in fear of my boyfriend's life from my own family, and yours isn't much better. She glanced at Ron, and seeing the slightly green sheen to her husband's face, she hadn't heard wrong.

I thought everything was going too smoothly at times. You know, the meetings, drinking, nights out, partying You are still pestered by people on the street asking for your autograph whilst trying to get any dirty news on you and I get hexed at and thrown out of places. The sneaking around, hiding from people and such Ginny and Harry had been a couple for about two months before the war before Harry ended it with the excuses he needed to be focused and she was a weak distraction.

I was flirting around with you and out of the blue she suddenly grabs me, kisses me and declares we've been going out for a month and I was being too shy about it.It was a particularly warm summer afternoon and Harry was letting his mind wander. It was the last lesson on a Friday afternoon, and while everyone else around the school was having a fun lesson in the sunlight, Harry and the rest of Gryffindor, along with Slytherin, was stuck copying out the uses of Asphodel in the dungeons.

While they wrote, Snape kept a watchful eye over them, occasionally asking a student, usually from Gryffindor, to stop talking or show him their work. Harry gazed mindlessly around the room and his eyes soon settled on a blond head a few rows in front of him. A thin shaft of sunlight from a small window very near the ceiling of the room came to fall on the boy's head. Harry noticed that the few stray hairs escaping the gelled mass glinted golden in the sun.

The boy must have felt Harry's gaze as he turned and glared at him. Harry quickly looked back to his parchment and dipped his quill in the ink, hoping that Malfoy wouldn't notice the pink spots beginning to form on his cheeks. After what felt like a lifetime, Snape finally let the students out into the sunshine.

Harry found himself in a deep conversation with Ron, and the occasional remarks from Hermione, about how it was really pointless to spend the whole lesson writing down uses of Asphodel when everyone else was relaxing. They didn't even need to know all the uses until next year anyway! The trio made their way up to the lake and sat under the big tree overlooking it. Harry loved to come here as it made him feel close to his father, as this had been his spot too. As Harry mused over this, Ron had already removed his tie and jumper and was lounging under the tree in the shade, mocking Hermione as she began to plough her way through her most recent library book.

Harry settled down, considering whether he should start his transfiguration homework, when he spotted a group of people over to the left of him. They came a little closer and Harry saw that it was Malfoy and a group of Slytherins. The blonde had taken his shirt off in the heat and was currently taunting a Hufflepuff student. Harry watched the boy, his eyes searching over the pale arms and chest.

He watched him as he laughed with his friends with the sunlight glowing in his hair and on his skin. Harry felt himself blush furiously, angry at him for allowing his friends to see the direction of his gaze. I was just thinking They both had confused and somewhat unconvinced expressions on their faces. Harry changed the subject quickly. The trio didn't bring it up again that evening. After Draco caught Potter staring at him in potions, he became wary of him.

He was obviously hatching a plan to get him into trouble. I'd like to see him try, he thought to himself, outsmart a Slytherin! Good luck Potter. That warm afternoon he had overheard Potter talking about going to the lake, so he decided to go down there with his friends too, just in case he tried anything.

As Draco led the taunting on a little student, something was distracting him. Was it the fact that Pansy was now hanging on his every word and pretty much glued to his side or maybe the heavy air of the evening that, even when he had his shirt off, he could not be comfortable in?

And why did he get the odd feeling that he was being watched? When the evening drew in and almost everybody had gone to supper, Draco found himself hanging back from the others and quite alone in the still evening. The only other people around were Potter and the other two he always hung about with. Draco watched Potter as he pulled himself upright from where he was lying on his side, happily playing with the grass after doing his homework.

As he stood up, he looked over towards the main building and Draco's attention was drawn to a red haired figure running over to Potter. It was the Weasley girl. She ran over to Potter and hugged him tightly, Draco was pleased to see Potter didn't hug the red head back straight away.

Draco snorted. Why should Potter be happy?Some Ravenclaw: dangggg Harry be lookin like a snack today. Draco: did I say that outloud? Harry, Hermione, and Ron all walked into the empty classroom they were assigned earlier that day.

The room only had a dusty old cabinet and posters hanging on the wall that were starting to peel.

Ron let out an audible groan as he set his bag down on the nearby floor, rolling his eyes. It was eighth year, a school year that many Hogwarts students decided to skip, leaving only a handful of Gryffindor students but it was enough to still divide classes by houses. This is why today, every house was assigned a classroom to go to after their second class. The golden trio were the first students to enter the now deserted classroom.

Ron and Harry both cast a glance at each other. Hermione seemed to stop and think for a second before answering. I think we may be practicing the Riddikulus spell. The door to the classroom opened unexpectedly and Professor McGonagall strode in, her robes swaying behind her.

The door closed on her command, the frame around it almost shaking. There was a fight in the hallways, always chaos when they start. And so they all waited…impatiently. Harry passed the short amount of time by just tapping his foot against the floor and leaning on the wall.

Hermione pulled out a book, a very large one that baffled Ron, and silently read to herself. McGonagall left after a couple of minutes to collect some textbooks for her next lesson, slamming the door behind her perusal.

Probably just some first years fighting over who gets to use the loo first. Ron bit his cheek and rolled his eyes at the same time. He covered his face so his blush was out of view from Hermione and Ron.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Rowling but the plot is mine. The Great Hall was filled with chatter. Every student sat at their assigned house table, conversing about anything and everything.

The bewitched ceiling above showed off a starry sky and the only light in the room was the array of torches lining the walls. Harry Potter sat at the Gryffindor table with Ron and Hermione, feeling a warm buzz in his chest.

Every now and then, the boy would sneak glances at the Slytherin table only to see his lover staring back at him with a glint in his eyes. After the war had ended, it was hard for everyone.

Every single person in the Great Hall had lost someone or had experienced the battle first- hand and when the new headmaster, Professor McGonagall had requested that they all come back to re-due their seventh year, Harry, Ron, and Hermione were ecstatic to come back to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

drarry fanfiction jealous ginny

Of course, after witnessing the death and the destruction, a lot of people were hesitant to return. Harry himself had nightmares often and would always seek Draco at unholy hours of the morning. Harry was dragged out of his daze when Draco looked away, averting his attention to Astoria Greengrass. Astoria twirled her hair and gave Draco googly eyes while talking with Draco and Draco just smiled, answering her. They were the only people who knew about him and Draco.

Of course Hermione found out long before the lovers even planned on telling anyone, being the brightest witch of her age. Harry looked down, a blush on his cheeks. Harry made himself some Earl Grey tea and put a few too many sugar cubes in before plopping into one of the many armchairs in front of the blazing fire.

He watched as the flames flickered, the warmth consuming him and he sighed. Would you like some tea with that sugar? Draco sat next to Harry and tried striking up conversation but Harry remained silent.Ginny couldn't help, but to glare at the one who broke up her relationship with Harry Potter that person was Harry's best friend, Hermione Granger. Three days later Ginny decided to face off with the one who ruined her life and found her opportunity on a Sunday as Hermione left the library.

Ginny raised an eyebrow at this, but ignored it and shot a bat-bogey hex at her defenseless opponent. Hermione just waved her hand like she was swatting away a gnat and the hex ricochet of the invisible barrier that was put up and hit the wall.

Ginny got ready to shot another hex, but was knocked back against the wall before she was able open her mouth. Ginny glared at Harry, but her glare fizzled at the sight of Harry. He was looking directly at her with a look of pure intensity.

She could sense the power that radiate off his form and she could tell that Hermione and Ron felt it too though they weren't as affected by it as she was. Ginny could only stare like the rest of the people that have gathered. Here stood the famous trio in all their glory Harry stood in the middle with Hermione and Ron on either side of him, Hermione on the left Ron on the right.

Everyone there could feel the immense magical power radiating from the three and it was both terrifying and awe-inspiring. These are three of the most powerful witch and wizards in the world and they aren't even in there twenties yet. Silence echoed the hallway as no one said a thing then Harry turned and walked away with Hermione and Ron following. Mungos with everyone who helped us in the war" Hermione said.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Harry Potter. Ginny that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard and I hang out with Ron and Luna" Hermione said "It's not stupid Granger you stole him from me and you know it" Ginny said fiercely "Okay when and how did I steal Harry from you?

Mungos with everyone who helped us in the war" Hermione said "I'd say, but when are you guys going to have a real wedding? The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on!

~Drarry Diaries~

Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". When Ginny tells Harry she doesn't want him back after the war, Harry is shocked, confused, hurt, and a little bit angry.

Most of all, he's convinced that Ginny's simply deluding herself, and is determined to win her back, whatever it takes. With a desperate Harry, a supportive Ron, a sneaky Neville, an uneasy Hermione, a frustrated Ginny, an exasperated Headmistress McGonagall, and a thoroughly amused student body all piled up together in Hogwarts, Operation: Get The Girl goes as smoothly as anyone would expect it to.

And when Harry finds himself faced with a completely unexpected rival to his nefarious schemes, his already sideways world turns upside down. Draco is convinced Harry is cheating on him, that he's going to leave him after years together.

Draco has given him his heart and soul on a silver platter, now he's sure Harry's leaving him, he's breaking bit by bit. To his surprise, Draco asks him to be his partner for the upcoming Yule Ball. Will Harry accept? And what will happen next? Note: I really am working on next chapters, I just didn't have time to post anything because What does it mean to be a Malfoy? Draco doesn't know, because he has never felt comfortable in his own skin.

He always thought that something was missing. His best friend left the country years ago and nothing seems to be going right. Things and people start to change when the Triwizard Tournament comes around. Draco thinks the Reader is cheating on him with George and avoids her the rest of the day. At dinner, he sees the Reader and George hugging and loses it. Harry is finally going back to normal classes. Draco was not happy about this at all. It was his baby brother! Not anyone else!

Why was everyone always holding him and taking his attention away from his big brother? Harry didn't need anyone one but him! Harry Potter is the new dueling teacher at Hogwarts ten years after the war. Learn how he gets tangled up in a vampiric romance with Professor Snape, challenging vampires, being pined after, meeting elders of the clan and more! While the Department of Magical Transportation does not officially declare that this is entirely the fault of Misters Potter and Malfoy, please note that one has a history of law-breaking and the other is a former Death Eater.

We at the Department of Magical Transportation, however, have an excellent reputation of getting most of our travellers to most of their destinations with most of their limbs. Living with the Weasleys after the war turns out to be more challenging than Harry could ever imagine. How Shakespeare, a crossword and a sleeping baby can turn enemies into friends, and maybe even friends into lovers.

At a loss for what to do in the aftermath of the war, Harry takes a job a Flourish and Blotts for its new owner, Narcissa Malfoy. Little does he realise this means he will be working directly under Draco Malfoy and his unique brand of management. Perhaps Luna has the answers? Warnings: 1.


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