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Originally, a film production journal and on-going blog about the beach party rock and roll monster movie.

Now, this is my Garage Rock blog-- whatever I've recently found or came up on my iPod today. Garage Rock Blog. Search This Blog. Thursday, January 13, Frankenstein. In fifth grade I dressed up as Frankenstein for Halloween.

I remember this specific Halloween because I was in costume-- green greasepaint, neck bolts and a paper mache' head piece while every other kid was in a t-shirt and store-bought mask. Those kids were amazed that I'd gone to so much trouble. I was completely embarrassed, maybe even mortified, but also kinda proud. Here's a great blog post about the book-- Movie Monsters, I read so many times, I had it memorized-- that had the costume instructions.

I'm trying to hold my hands like the Frankenstein illustration. Thirty years later, I'm turning 40, itching to get a new tattoo, but having trouble pinpointing the right image. I think you can guess where this is going.


That's the right side of my torso, hipbone to armpit. Yes, I'm hirsute. Five one-hour sessions with Sam Parker at Memorial Tattoo and now I have the instructions on how to make a Frankenstein mask with me Here's me as Frankenstein in It turned out a little Fresh Prince hi-fade, but gets better every year.

Garage Rock (1966) - Rhythm Guitar Lesson

So, yes, I'm another Frankenstein-obsessed monster kid. Here's my edition: Oh, yeah, Garage Rock! Here's a mix I made of 21 songs about Frankenstein for Halloween.Monday, March 16, Dan's Garage Greetings music lovers! Well, it's been two weeks since I last posted and that was possible due to a stomach bug that was being peddled around by my grand kids, and it put me out of commission for a couple of days, now I got a regular run-of-the-mill cold bug that hit me hard last Thursday, and is taking a few days to exit my system.

I mean, what the hell??? The world is NOT coming to an end. Here at Dan's Garage Central, we're trying to stay calm, go about our business as normally as humanly possible and whether whatever "storm" hits us.

Just wash your hands, keep your distance, and if you're sick, stay home and please I will not read lectures from anyone telling me I'm going to die and what an irresponsible asshole I am for not "taking this epidemic seriously". I get that it's bad and very contagious which is why I've refrained from hugging and kissing people, and general touchy feely stuff.

I am staying home till I get better, and then will go back out in the world to face whatever I have to with my job duties which is a courier for the freaking University Of Rochester which means I have to handle all sorts of nice germy packages and envelopes with God knows how much disgusting crap on them, and oh yeah, I also spend a significant amount of time in the UofR Medical Center as well. How's that for a job???? Yeah, we got 'em in spades and like my workplace, we never really shut the doors around here.

New stuff pours in regularly and some of them are featured here, and a few I've had for a while. I just got a big lot of Italian records for dirt cheap and have been trying to sift through them day by day. Being an American of Italian descent and knowing the language quite well, I figured I could enjoy this stuff and actually know what the hell their singing.

Most of it is slick pop stuff, but there are a few interesting re-makes of American songs like The Turtles' "Elanor" and " Red Light". Perhaps after I've gotten through a few of them I'll post them up in a special "Italian Edition". Before we get to the 45's please read closely. I've gotten some very nice comments from all of you and thank you profusely for them, but a lot of the comments I've been getting are in regards to old dead links and why they don't work, AND problems with opening them.

I apologize for that "tone" and the bold caps, but I consolidated all those links to two pages for everyone's convenience including mine. I'm not exactly sure what to make of The Sunrays. If anyone's ever seen the Beach Boys biopic that's sometimes seen on VH1 Classic is that even a station anymore??? On the other hand, they were previously known as The Renegades and were from Pacific Pallisades, CA, and they did work as a band before ol' Murray got a hold of them so their history gets a little murky.

garage rock blogspot

This here is their last 45 and is kinda weird because it's not really the Rivieras. According to organist Otto Suss, this was not the Rivieras, but some other band from the area that was used, I guess, to fill in this I know that sounds whack but in that era, who the hell knows what went on???? Another weird thing is that this song was also released by a band called "Dalek: The Blacktsones" and one can hear that version on "Highs In The Mid 60's Vol.

Although Dalek's version is the superior one, this may have been some kind of demo for that song. Just speculating Oh, by the way. Elements - Promises I usually don't go for these "cutesy" girl group songs, but this one was so annoying that I actually grew to like it.

Based on the old familiar tune "Shortnin' Bread", these gals whoop it up with a tale about a typical boyfriend who wont commit. This 45 is probably NOT one of their better efforts. Both songs are steeped in "Merseybeat" mojo and unfortunately, by the time this record came out, fans in the U. Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom.With that said, the last…. The weirdos of the grunge movement are back again with Pinkus Abortion Technician, this time including two bass players.

But while some of our Editors and Contributors sit down gleefully each week to dive into this newly stocked treasure…. Black Pudding is a garage-rock trio who can rock a mean fuzz sound while coating it with cheesy lo-fi production and intoxicating hooks. These tracks at times act as a hazy trip of distortion and slurred vocals, but these guys can pen a catchy hook and some sharply humorous lyrics among their warm bedroom rock.

With time, Josh Scogin will be able to release music without it immediately being compared to his work in The Chariot. Garage rock is one of those more amorphous genre tags that nevertheless has a very identifiable sound to it. You might not be able to describe what it is exactly beyond fuzzy guitars, generally lo-fi production, and punchy, catchy songs, but you know what it is when you hear it.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Meatbodies are proving to be an exception to the rule for me, though most of that stems from their evolving way beyond simple garage into something far more interesting and fun. The new Japandroids album, Near to the Wild Heart of Life, kicks off in their instantly recognizable style.

The title and first track on the album immediately bridges the gulf of the five years since their last release, Celebration Rock.

The band keeps the party they are throwing with this…. Browsing Tag. What's Up Punks? Release Day Roundup. Listen To This!Five hours of psychedelic insanity from the Aumega netlabel.

Posted by Dr. Schluss at AM 1 comment:.

El rock no morira jamas!!!

You can't get more psychedelically weird that this cult sci-fi masterpiece, which apparently is a big thing in the UK as my co-host Luke states. We rap quite about about the bizarre zone this flick lives in and do a questionable version of the theme song. Schluss at AM No comments:. My focus these days has been more on the wild world of sci-fi cinema.

I think more than a few psych-heads may be down with that as well. If you don't mind the occasional colorful metaphor, have a listen. Schluss at AM 2 comments:. Ending out the year with a slice of the Electrick Sages. Aterui was an aboriginal chief in northern Japan who stood his ground against the encroaching rose of "civilization.

This is all of my raging Id, and it seems to have funneled down into my own personal Ween album.

garage rock blogspot

For this one, listen if you dare: Psychedelically Violent by Psychedelically Violent. Labels: Dr. SchlussElectrick SagesPsychedelically Violent. Obviously not reviewing psychedelic albums. Truth be told, I've been busy trying to master the Bach Cello Suites on a proper cello. I've also been talking sci-fi movies with me UK mate, and I imagine at least three of you are probably into both psychedelic music and sci-fi movies. I think we use all seven of the dirt words from time to time.

Get your start with this promo vid:.

garage rock blogspot

Schluss at PM 7 comments:. Our last album's picking up some momentum. Why not this one as well? Then light a candle and stare into it for an hour. Schluss at PM 6 comments:. SchlussElectrick Sages. While I don't review much these day, people seem to dig it when I follow my own musical tangents.

I've got a new iPad and dove headfirst into doing the video creation myself. So do have a look at my psychedelic dive though the energy vibrations of some temples in Japan. It sort of doubles as my book review for Jane Roberts' book, The "Unknown" Reality, which you should have a read into.

And get into the full album here. I can be a free-for-all, but if you want to contribute to the cause, even that single dollar brings a smile to my starving artist heart. The "Unknown" Reality by Electrick Sages. Schluss at AM 3 comments:. I've been lugging a cheap guitarlele to Japanese temples and jammin' on songs I dig. I guess I'm not in such a reviewing mood. But hey, maybe you'll get into my jam?View all Submit Blog Do you want more traffic, leads, and sales? Submit your blog below if you want to grow your traffic and revenue.

Submit Your Blog. Cleveland, OhioUnited States About Blog Ultimate Classic Rock is the world's largest classic rock site, exploring the past, present and future of music's most legendary and enduring artists. Classic rock music news, interviews, pictures, songs and lists from classic rock artists. United Kingdom About Blog Magazine brings you the latest rock, metal, pop-punk and metalcore music news and reviews, music videos and pictures.

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We cover major and emerging artists from all genres of music including rock, hip-hop, punk, indie, country, metal, hardcore, pop and electronic.

Blog rockstardreams. The Beatles are the best-selling band in history, with estimated sales of over million physical and digital albums worldwide.

About Blog The best uncopyrighted rock music for your montages. San Francisco, California, United States About Blog A place for all psychedelic rock; classic, contemporary, experimental, or something else altogether. Songs, mixes, discussion. San Francisco, California, United States About Blog For southern rock music discussion, discovery, news, reviews, and your favorite tracks and videos. San Francisco, California, United States About Blog Your home for soft rock, adult contemporary, easy listening, and tunes you'd expect to hear in a dentist's office.

From the 70s, 80s, 90s, and beyond, if it soft rocks, it belongs here. San Francisco, California, United States About Blog Experimental rock encompasses all rock music that aims to create unique musical structure and style. San Francisco, California, United States About Blog For post-rock music discussion, discovery, news, reviews, and your favorite tracks and videos. Commentary and archival information about rock music from The New York Times.

Facebook fans Follow us to keep up with MP3s, videos, news, reviews, and indie rock gossip. About Blog Since Theprp. For over fifteen years Theprp.Fuoristrada Honda Motorcycle Scarmbler Tracker. Read More. Cars Design Style Vintage. Etna the Sicilian volcano, the highest terrestrial active volcano of the Eurasian plate, which the Arabs called it "the mountain Honda Life Miti Motocross Vintage. Those who were children in the 80s grew up watching Japanese cartoons with robots on TV, and dreamed of having a personal robot one da BMW cafe racer Design Motorcycle style motorcycle.

Motorcycle Sidecar Triumph.

Stomp! Shout! Scream! Garage Rock Blog

Building any client a custom motorcycle is challenging, but building a custom Triumph Cafe Racer with sidecar, for 2 corporate clien La lunga e triste lista di eventi annullati per il coronavirus continua ad allungarsi. Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Contact now to increase your money adv rocketgarage.

Jonich Wheels Top Quality Wheels. FG Racing. Facendo tesoro degli errori che ho commesso in diversi anni dentro il mio garage ecco alcuni suggerimenti per aiutarvi in questo o altri progetti Ma per quali motivi si cade? Follow by Email. Popular Posts. XR Oscura Motorcycles. Joan asked for a motorcycle with the follow L'attesa per l'uscita della Z ricordo che ha sviluppato molte aspettative, che con mio rammarico sono sciamate quando ho av E quale migliore momento s Suzuka-Chan Suzuki GS Daytona Weapon Sundance Racing Project.

Sundance opened in Takanawa, Tokyo inwhen Harley-Davidson specialty stores are not yet famous. Since then, with their unique pDon't Ask the Hosts You'd Prefer. Enjoy what you take don't moan and grumble at something you get for free!!

Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Used to Be. Bill Withers - Collection - kbps - R. William Harrison Withers Jr.

garage rock blogspot

Born July 4, - Died 04 April was an American singer-songwriter and musician who performed and recorded from until Withers won three Grammy Awards and was nominated for four more. His life was the subject of the documentary film Still Bill. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Just As I Am Harlem Sweet Wanomi Do It Good Let It Be In My Heart Better Off Dead Still Bill Lonely Town, Lonely Street Let Me In Your Life Use Me Lean On Me Kissing My Love Another Day To Run Live At Carnegie Hall Friend Of Mine World Keeps Going Around For My Friend Lonely Town Lonely Street Let Us Love You Stories Green Grass Ruby Lee Heartbreak Road Can We Pretend Liza


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