How to buy a used car with paypal

Share best practices, tips, and insights. Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. A bidder wants to pay the total price of car through paypal. Says he will pay the paypal fees. Is there a downside to this for me, the seller? PayPal account be used to buy motor vehicles. There is no protection for both buyer and seller. Even if it was possible to buy vehicles with PayPal.

Your Porsche is already above that. Yes, there's a huge downside. Since you won't be mailing the car, you can't prove delivery, and have no seller protection. Cash is cash, handwritten forms of payment are not a forsure thing. He can claim non delivery of a paid item if paid via paypal However, it's ebay motors and the rules are different.

Why would a buyer want to pay for paypal fees on that Porsche? Has that buyer even looked at the car? OK, yes. There are collectors who'd love that car, I know. However, it's not a smart thing to do. Cash upon Pickup or Postal Money order which normally, could be cashed at a P. You'd have to make arrangements with the postal supervisor so they could have that amount availed.

Probably a day arrangement Cashiers checks can be stopped Cash only! Let your listing ride and see what transpires in 5 days when the listing ends If that hopeful really wants it when the last minute comes towards the end, then make some decision if he wins.

Is he asking for you to end the listing?I am buying a classic car off of craiglist, The car doesn't run. I have not seen the car, but by the pictures it is in decent shape.

Selling your car? Watch out for these five potential scams

It is several hundred miles away. Can i use paypal for a safe transaction for the price of the car. It is 3, and have it shipped. He told me he would rather have me see the car in person, so I don't think it is a scam. I am not worried about the condition of the car, just about getting scamed through paypal. Go and see the car. That is a given. Sometimes they may make you feel comfortable by saying that they want you to see the car.

You can't get scammed by Paypal, but if it turns out to be a big scam then getting your money back from Paypal can take a long time.

Buying a car off craigslist, safe to use paypal?

Beware, unless you have the extra buyer protection feature on the transaction, your money may not be recovered by Paypal if there is a problem with the purchase. They only guarantee recovery on E-bay purchases.

They don't mention it either - you have to read the fine print of the user acceptance agreement. I found this out the hard way by buying some merchandise off the Internet and using Paypal.

Only E-bay transactions are guaranteed to get your money back. For Internet purchases outside of E-bay use your credit card or a personal check for the most security. Be careful. I have bought three vehicles off of Ebay using Paypal. The cars were not anything like what was described.

The pictures do not show all of the details clearly. Descriptions are subjective and the definition of honesty varies from each individual. Paypal and Ebay are no help in a dispute. Three strikes and I'm out. Better safe than sorry as I was.

Used Cars for Sale

It's like having sex with a new partner, safe or Paypal will help you as long as the other party is still around to deal with and this could be a scam. Example: you send the money through paypal, you dont get the car, the seller disappears, no money to collect. Of course you can use paypal.But Pay Pal can redact, reverse, take away that payment.

The associate lied, a French-based English group in Sant Antony Noble Val Tarn Garonne and I got robbed and ripped off, i was also attacked and robbed with violence by these people. I hold Pay pal percent responsible for the cock-up they absolutely are with my advertisement and Toy Soldier and Hobby Figure magazine. I later discovered one of them has over previous criminal convictions in the UK and Wales for robbery. We are very very angry indeed with this situation and spoke to French and British based Lawyers.

Pay pal took part in a fraud. My French wife and I myself then had to resource all the business items they had stolen behind my back, we had to use Pay Pal on E Bay to do some of this. We also received several refunds via Pay pal but had no clarification for what or who they came from.

Finally totally fed up and exasperated we decided to quit using pay Pal. Yes and no Paypal is good for small payments but for big ticket items demand either COD C meaning Cash not check you can also use Western Union or Money Gram but you do not release anything until you have cash in hand. Even Bank Wire Transfer can be reversed. Also do not be fooled by someone sending you the MTN those are a dime a dozen to scammers. I have even gotten real good counterfeit travels checks from scammers.

Checks are another good one unless you cash them at the issuing bank they can also be Counterfeit I use to play with the Scammers on the internet and have never gotten burned I contact the issuing company and ask if they issued out such cards and they said they did not. PS The raised letters in my name did not match the rest of the printing on the card. This is to kind of show you the length scammers will go through. Almost any transaction can be reversed but cash. The only acceptable use for PayPal are sellers on eBay who are high volume selling new merchandise, or vendors selling tangible consumables in person.

Selling single, used items? The likelihood of a item not as described scam, or an item not received scam is high. And PayPal will protect itself from a chargeback and screw the merchant. Selling a used car? Fuck no.Importing a car is not as difficult as you think. Its actually a pretty easy and straightforward process. Inquire: Upon contacting your local clearance agent, ask about local charges. Previously discussed in Step 1 Once you understand the total landing cost for your vehicle, proceed to payment.

how to buy a used car with paypal

Its possible to make use any bank s who accept foreign currency transfers. We regret but our stock will be sold upon "First come - First serve" basis. Even if your payment was not received in time, and your car is not available, be assured that you have a choice between the below options:.

For more info, please check the link below. If you are not sure how to pay online, please let us know. We can also send a Proforma Invoice via PayPal. Find a MoneyGram location near you and visit your local MoneyGram agent. Contact the person receiving your money transfer. Find a MoneyGram location.

Login Sign up. Request Mobile Site Search by Maker. Go to your local bank and proceed to payment. Payment terms and conditions Terms: Payment in Full in Advance. Please confirm your money remittance by sending the bank receipt via E-mail or FAX.

how to buy a used car with paypal

E-mail: pboffer picknbuy Even if your payment was not received in time, and your car is not available, be assured that you have a choice between the below options: Refund: Your money is refunded back to you Replacement: Choose a replacement vehicle Choose Another: Choose another vehicle from our stock for the same value.You are viewing the PayPal Community Archives.

This content may be old or outdated. Leave the Archive. Learn more in Community Events. I know a lot of people ask this and I have never accepted payments from paypal, just used it to make payments. A person wants to buy my car, has only seen the ad on Kijiji, she e-mailed once, I gave her more information. Then e-mailed back and said she is busy but would pay me through paypal and then have someone come and pick it up. She wants my paypal e-mail and my home address.

When I responded and told her I want to look into it further, I then got a response with no string that just said "I am interested in buying this, I would like to know the present condition and your e-mail address" Which is pretty much the same as the very first e-mail.

Is it SCAM, should I just pass, it seems weird and if I understand paypal correctly she could send the money and then pull it back correct. Go to Solution. Never accept a ppal payment for any items that need collecting as you will lose sellers protection if there are any problems. View solution in original post. Thank you, I figured so. Also in case anyone else is wondering, I am in Canada I responded to the individual and asked for a copy of the drivers licence or passport, of course they declined and then told me they were in Pennslyvania, so that ended it right there.

Welcome glad you didnt fall for it. I am selling a solid oak table set and a woman offered to buy it without seeing and my asking price. I wrote back and said no thank you. Thank you for posting this, I realized it was a scam. Havent heard back since. Hey, I have my car on sale in FInland on nettiauto. I replied that I'm not familiar with paypal so he can either transfer the amount in my bank account directly or the person who'll be picking it up can bring cash with him.

And now he agreed even with that!!!! He's asking for my bank details!!! They are more than likely going to ask you for a western union payment because that is all they are interested in not your car.

Never accept a ppal payment for anything that needs collecting because if there are problems you have no sellers protection from ppal.We encourage you to find quick answers to your questions by searching the community forum or visiting our Help Center. Thank you for your patience. New to the community? Please read our Community Rules and Guidelines.

I'm selling my car not on ebay and have had someone offering to buy via paypal and send someone for collection. I know all about these scams where buyers say I'll pay with a bankers draft and add shipping fees and the seller has to sort it out with the shippers. I've always disregarded these and said cash on collection only but this one says he'll pay in full via paypal and arrange for someone to collect. I just want to know where I stand on the security of the payment.

Do I have to wait any particular time for it to clear? Can he cancel payment once cleared or request a refund?

how to buy a used car with paypal

You hear so many scams going on I just want to be sure, I'm already dubious due to the fact he's saying he'll send someone else to collect. Or am I just best sticking to my guns and demanding cash on collection? Please help. The buyer collected the vehicle as promised and to our surprise he was driving the damaged vehicle to Latvia without having it repaired first.

Yesterday we got such a abusive email from buyer on ebay stating he broke down miles away in Europe and he was going to report us to ebay. Clearly the vehicle was advertised as damaged repairable. The ironic part is that the buyer drafted 2 copys of receipts that we both signed once he paid remaining balance in cash. I cant understand how he has managed to have the money placed on hold or open a dispute as paypal don't cover buyers or sellers when it comes to motor vehicle bought or sold on ebay.

Can you explain what is happening and why our funds are on hold. I would suggest that you review the case to see the reason that it has been opened. If it has been opened for non receipt of an item or for a significantly not as described item I would suggest that you ensure it is noted that the transaction is for a deposit. Firstly deposits are not covered under PayPal Buyer Protection and secondly if he notes in the case that it is a deposit in relation to a car then he is also not covered as we do not cover motorised vehicles.

They are legit. When the man whom first contacted me with interest in the car for the shop called me to tell me the car wasn't worth what he paid for it he said he wanted a partial refund immediately. He started putting me on a dead line telling me i had until noon the next day or he will initiate a chargeback. He didn't want to bring the car back. I told him then we have no deal, I'm not going to just hand over half of what he paid for the car - he already got me down a from what I was asking!!!

Since when does a buyer decide what something is worth? This is crazy!! They were not BOUND to buying the car, they could have changed their mind and I would have refunded the money in full immediately. They are claiming the car was misrepresented which is not true. They were aware of everything before they took it away!!!In order to legally own and drive a used car, you must transfer the car title to your name and register your car.

How To: Buy Things on Amazon with PayPal Balance

All vehicle transfers have to be processed by PennDOT and you can visit a Vehicle Services Center or the Department of Motor Vehicles to assist you in the process of car title transfer and registration.

First of all, buyers must ensure that the seller provides them with a title. Check the reverse side of the title to make sure that section A is completed by the seller. Section D in front of the title has to be filled by the buyer. Both the seller and buyer are required to handprint their names in the presence of a notary public or at a tag service office.

Odometer readings, purchase price and other information should be verified. Make sure that you do not give an out of state address. The buyer should be aware that he is not entitled to the plates removed by the seller, once the title transfer is complete. But in order to legally drive the car and to obtain the license plates, you will have to obtain registration as well.

Make arrangements for an insurance policy before buying the car. The minimum liability requirements in Pennsylvania for car owners comprise of a physical injury limit of fifteen thousand dollars per individual, total physical injury limit of thirty thousand dollars for more than one person and a property destruction limit of five thousand dollars. A copy of an insurance identification card will have to be attached with your registration application form MV-4ST. VIN tracing or verification is also required if a Pennsylvania resident purchases a car from a non resident.

A sales tax amounting to six percent of the purchase price or the current market value of the car has to be paid in Pennsylvania. The state also requires you to have valid safety and emission inspection stickers. If these are not valid at the time of purchase, have you car inspected within ten days. Lemon law is going to be your best safeguard against defective cars; it is worth your while to acquaint yourself with the lemon law as it applies to the state of your residence. When buying a used car in PA, you need to make sure you get it registered in the state, and also have legal ownership of the vehicle.

First of all, you need to get a title transfer certificate that proves your ownership. Apart from this, you need to fill out a form for registration and license plate. More information is available on our pages, take a look. Enter your location. Buying Used Car in Pennsylvania. A sales tax amounting to six percent of the purchase price or the current market value of the car has to be paid in Pennsylvania The state also requires you to have valid safety and emission inspection stickers.

When buying a used car in PA, what kind of paperwork do I have to deal with?


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