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Last Updated on September 30, Understanding the battle mechanics in Last Shelter Survival is extremely important. You should know all the basics as well as all the strategies related to the battle formation. And, if you are new to the game, you may find it difficult to understand all the things easily β€” as the game does not tell you in the tutorial.

In this Last Shelter Survival Battle guide, you will get to know all these details. For example β€” attacking zombies, raiding zombies, attacking other players, gathering resources. In all these things, you need APC. You get 1 APC for free at the beginning of the game β€” and, you can get more by reaching the base level 13 and building the barrack 2nd unit of barrack facility in the base.

As you use the APC to march different targets on the map; gathering resources, attacking enemies, etc. It is the consumption cost for each march. For example β€” if you send the units on march, a certain amount of durability will be charged as a consumption cost.

After choosing a target, on the APC formation screen, you can check the consumption cost at the bottom of the screen; the durability cost is displayed next to the spanner icon. As per our information, you get 1 durability point every 8 minute. When you are low on APC durability and try to send it forcefully, the game lets you repair it. You need wrenches to repair it.

Also, the cost will increase each time you repair the APC. Using the wrench, you can repair the APC. In the gift store, check the packages β€” the deals refresh every day β€” you may find the package which contains wrenches. These two stats are shown in the formation screen. The troop capacity figure shows the number of troops that you can send on the march. You can not exceed this limit. The troop load figure shows the number of resources an army can hold from the target point to the base.

For example β€” suppose, you are going to gather lumber from lumber mill at the map β€” and, that lumber mill resource point has K lumber. But the APC load is 7K. So you would not be able to gather more than 7K lumber. There are three slots for heroes as well as troops. The troops and heroes in the first slot fight from the front, those who are in the second slot fight behind the units leading from the front.

And, there are three types of troop units β€” Vehicle, Fighters, and Shooters.

APC - How to improve your APC with rigs

You can train or get vehicles from vehicle factory, fighters from fighter camp, shooters from shooting range. Play with different team set-ups for different tasks. Upgrade the bunk facility at the base to train more troops at a time and increase training speed. Also, research in the institution.Last Shelter: Survival is an immersive base-building strategy game for Android devices. Your goal is to develop your base into a flourishing town filled with survivors. To do so, you must first stock up on supplies.

Food and water are basic needs that will surely attract survivors to your base. The more people you have onboard, the easier it will be to build a better base. Soon, you will be training people to fight and defend your base. You will also be researching technology needed for continued development. In a world where everyone is fighting for their lives, zombies would be the last of your worries. Other players will be eager to raid your coffers as soon as your shields go down.

As the commander, you are free to build your structures anywhere on the base. Keep in mind, though, that you will not be able to complete building if there is no road access to the area you selected. A road icon will appear above your construction site to indicate that you need to build roads in order for the building to be completed.

Just tap on the icon and the game will automatically suggest a road to be built going to your construction site. All you have to do is click the OK button to lay down the road.

Sometimes, it will tell you to build a road that goes around several buildings when there is a shorter path that can be built. Make sure you pay attention to the layout of the roads.

last shelter purple shield

Trucks will take time to travel to their destination. If your roads are all over the place, it will take longer for the trucks to reach buildings at the far ends of the base. Plan your roads ahead of time, even if you only have a handful of buildings.

Most structures can be moved to a different location by tapping and holding. The exception to this are resource buildings that need to be placed right next to what they are harvesting. Last Shelter: Survival provides a shortcut button for practically every task you need to accomplish.We started playing Last Shelter Survival a few days ago.

We will find out whether there are any, and if they work. If we find any working cheats we will also let you know if they are safe to use. Last Shelter Survival is a city building game for Android and iPhone. The game is available for both smartphones and tablets. The game is developed and published by IM It has received great reviews with an average rating of 4. Last Shelter Survival takes place during a zombie apocalypse. There is a small group of survivors and you are their leader.

It is your objective to build up your base and to protect it from zombies which surround the base on all sides.

You can also be attacked by other players which makes the game even more challenging. The game has great graphics which makes it very immersive. The city building aspect of the game reminds us a bit of Forge of Empiresbut in a modern, zombie apocalypse setting. However, the game is still very unique in its own way. Diamonds are very necessary and are hard to come by.

We started our research with the question whether hacks exist. The answer to this question was easily found by searching on the internet. We will share the results of our tests here. It looks pretty legitimate at first glance. It even says you can only generate a maximum of 10, diamonds per day. We put this generator to the test to see if it would actually deliver the diamonds into our account. We entered our username and pressed the generate button that appeared.Last Updated on December 30, A small group of survivors and heroes is in a dangerous zombie apocalypse world.

You are surrounded by zombies from everywhere. And they are in huge numbers. And even that place is surrounded by more zombies and hostiles. In the Last Shelter Survival game, you play as a leader of the city whose responsibility is to keep the locality safe and secure from the zombies and other players.

Attackers can come from any side! Are you ready to defend? In the Last Shelter Survival gameyour main objective is to manage all the activities building, upgrading, researching and grow the city by planting modern facilities such as oil well, hospitals, institutes, food resources, and more.

Since you are surrounded by dangerous creatures and other players can attack your base; another objective is to protect these resources.

Other players can attack your base and steal resources. The tutorial teaches you how to build the buildings, production depots, facilities, and how to attack enemies. After the tutorial, the leader has to manage all the activities manually. Just keep in mind that you have to develop the city by building and upgrading the facilities. You can not develop other buildings beyond its level.

Upgrading the base camp level unlocks new buildings, features, and functions. Basic Tips: β€” 1 We would recommend you to focus on the main quests if you want to progress fast in Last Shelter Survival game.

Make sure to upgrade the resources facilities to boost production. Construction Vehicle or builder is required to start the building or upgrading process. Without it, you can not dispatch the workers. Tap the spanner icon on the top-left side to check the workers.

For example β€” you get the 3rd builder once you reach the base level 7 and build a garage. These resources are required for building, upgrading, marching, and researching. Read the tips, cheats part below to learn how to boost the resources production. You can not build these production facilities anywhere freely on the base. You have to build these facilities near the source. For example; Refinery can only be built near Iron Deposit, Lumber Mill can only be built near a logging site. Tap them and choose to unlock them.

In the Last Shelter Survival game, you can not build certain facilities if the population in the base is low. You send troops and vehicles to invade the enemy base or zombies on the world map. In this part, we have covered everything about the heroes you need to know: β€”. You get the first hero for free at the start of the game.

After that, you can recruit heroes in the heroes hall. Heroes Hall?

No Shield Cooldown - Last Shelter Survival

After reaching a certain level, you can build this facility. To recruit heroes, you need recruitment tickets; there are three types of recruitment tickets: β€”. You get free tickets every day. If you get a duplicate hero upon recruitment, the game will convert it into the hero medals. Medals such as courage medal, wisdom medal, and hero medals are used in upgrading the skills, in researching, and developing. You can obtain courage medal and wisdom medal by completing the quests, events, hunting the zombies.It's an auto farming bot that auto plays unlimited accounts for you all day, every day.

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last shelter purple shield

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last shelter purple shield

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Last Shelter Survival Heroes come in different levels noted by their colors. As you go up in colors in the Heroes, they have more Skills that can be unlocked. There are multiple uses of the word Level surrounding the Heroes. It gets confusing. The level experience they have directly effects their skills. When you view a Hero, click on a Skill and then click on the Skill Details?

There you will see the different Skill Levels and how the Hero Level us used to improve the skills. Vehicles are the most expensive troop to use combating Zombies and cost a considerable amount of Fuel to heal them. I typically use Fighters and Shooters to kill Zombies.

If you have a Development Hero that needs to be leveled up, you can also add them to an APC and use them for combat. Getting your Hero to Level 35 is important in order to open their 6th skill, Awaken. The High Leader skill is what is of value to most people.

Once you max out High Leader, the only way to increase the number of troops significantly is to unlock and level up the Awaken skill. Skip to content Home Table of Contents Submit great ideas! Search for: Close.

There is the Hero Levelwhich can increase their abilities and certain Skills do not unlock until a Hero Level is used. There is the Skill Levelwhich can be increased to the various Skills available to each Hero.

Upgrading this building increases the Experience points earned by the Heroes for the various activities they support. Upgrading this building reduces the cost of exchanging heroes for wisdom medals and increases the number of heroes you can exchange every day. You can only exchange a certain number of heroes each day based on the level of your Military Academy. Upgrading this building allows you to increase the number of Development Heroes you have stationed in your buildings.

There is a limit and you will need Diamonds to purchase Stationing Plans from the Store in order to upgrade. Here are a few tips… Upgrading the Heroes Hall increases the Hero Exp bonus they earn while killing zombies. Make sure to station the blue hero Gatekeeper: Batty.

Her second skill increases hero experience earnings significantly. You can build Parts in the Parts Factory. It can take a while to build Parts, but even 1 part can increase their skills. A great way to level your Last Shelter Survival hero is to kill high level Zombies. The higher the level, the more experience points your heroes gain. It will cost you durability and resources to heal troops, but you will also be earning resources as you attack the zombies.The Last Shelter Survival Doomsday event stretches over 45 days a Seasonalternating between building and combat.

Use the Doomsday icon on the right of the screen when in the World view to access all of the Doomsday items and structures. You can also access the Doomsday screen by clicking on Events and then the Doomsday Event. Your Alliance will build 4 Alliance Centers AC for you to place your Honor Structures facilities, processing plant, fortress, special operations command around.

These structures are used to defend your Alliance Center, process material, and earn Season Points. Doomsday is about winning Season Points by occupying tiles, donating stone, earning Specialty Points, and scores from the various Combat Phases. From the Game: Seasonal Alliance Scores are earned when alliance members perform actions, points can be earned via occupying territories, constructing buildings, building the Garrison Bases and building the Alliance Centers.

During the Doomsday Conquest Alliance Duel Phase, points can be also earned by declaring war on other alliances and plundering them. Occupying territories, building honor structure and declaring wars will raise season points. Declaring war on another alliance and win, you will earn season points.

If you lose the war, you lose season points. See Doomsday Scoring section below. At the end of the Season 45 daysthe higher your Alliances Season Points, the better ranking and rewards.

You can also view the rewards you will receive at your current rank at the end of Doomsday. Your alliances begin the process by building an Alliance Center on the map and having the members build their Honor Structures around the Alliance Center. One of the biggest benefits of the Doomsday Event is the resources and money you can earn from the tiles you occupy and the experience you can earn on your heroes. Many players level their heroes to level 50 just in a single season.

last shelter purple shield

The end-of-season rewards are also really impressive depending on how well you rank in the event. But you can only distribute 50 rewards to players!

There must be enough stone block donated to the alliance to build an Alliance Center. There are other requirements that must be met in order to build Alliance Centers, such as the of Alliance Members and Total Alliance Power.

Last Shelter Survival Guide – Tips, Cheats & Strategies(Updated)

You will need donated stone block from your members in order to build Alliance Centers. You can see this in the screenshots under Prepping Phase or Combat Phase below.

I do not know the bonuses for the 3rd and 4th ACs yet. The first Alliance Center can be placed on the outer band of the map the sandalong the edge of the map up to the beginning of the grass. The second Alliance Center is placed in the next band of higher resources inside the first band light green. You can build up to 4 Alliance Centers, each can be placed in each of the four bands heading to the center of the map.


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