Mastercraft x14 wakesurfing

Make Mastercraft. Model X We are upgrading to another MasterCraft boat! Versatile boat great for slalom skiing my favwakeboarding my husbands favor knee boarding and tubing for the kiddos. I was worried about how flat the wake could get for slalom skiing but with no white-wash and smooth wake transition, you can fly across the wake to make your next cut! General Condition: This boat is decked out as a demo boat and it is in excellent condition!

One owner! Model XV.

mastercraft x14 wakesurfing

Or slow things down and create a liquid bomb crater for endless wakesurfing. The deep V-hull is even engineered to serve up super clean ski wakes. Model X Covered Lift during summer and garage in winter. This is a great boat for skiing, and with the ballast added it has nice large wakes for wakeboarding. Some upholstery thread is starting to expand at the seams on the rear seats I have pictures.

mastercraft x14 wakesurfing

Includes tandem trailer. Optional rear facing seat included. Snap in carpet included. Bimini, bow cover, and full Mastercraft cover. Mastercraft tandem trailer with boat buddy and spare tire. Please call Bill at for more information. See link below for full detailed video of boat. Model X14V. If your looking for a amazing crossover boat this is it. The silky wakes for salon skiing and integrated ballast for switch over to wakeboarding the Mastercraft XV can do it all.

Options include Over 75 used family boats in stock.Purchasing a new boat these days can be more confusing than ever.

New to mastercraft? find your perfect boat now.

There are more models, more options and more money involved than ever before. As water-ski-specific boats have declined in production over the last 15 years only three companies are currently making direct-drive boatsthere is also the battle of less direct drive versus more V-drive.

Do you go with the hyper-specific direct drive that really caters to the smallest wakes for serious slalom skiing? Or do you sacrifice a bit in the slalom department for versatility? These days, boat companies are recognizing the need for that versatility and fulfilling it in epic fashion. Enter the crossover boat.

Boats have been dubbed crossovers in the past, but that was mainly a marketing strategy trying to compensate for a lack of true versatility. They were either water-ski boats with a tower or wakeboarding boats with a pylon. As the original generation of wakeboarders has aged though, there has been an uptick in interest and sales in water skiing and, of course, wakesurfing.

Combine that background with new interests and you have people who love watersports and who want to be able to go out on the boat and have fun getting a pull doing whatever they please, rather than being confined to what a boat is specifically made for.

While crossover boats are often labeled as compromises with a negative connotation, we prefer to look at them as compromises that present unparalleled opportunity.

With some of the new boats on the market today, Dad or Granddad can ski, Mom can surf, and the kids can wakeboard. Or even better, everybody can do everything — all within minutes of each other and with just a couple of pushes of a couple of buttons.

Not every manufacturer has a true crossover that is advertised to do all three sports, but most do. The Supra SR and Moomba Helix are incredible wakeboarding and wakesurfing boats that are also small enough to have fun recreationally skiing behind. What makes all of these boats even more unique is they are all in the foot range. That size has a lot of advantages, including better fuel economy, easier towing and easier storage.

Liquid Force - How To WakeSurf: Wake Surfing 101, Ballast Configuration, Getting Up, and More

All of the above boats will fit in a standard garage with the tower lowered. With some creative design and engineering, along with the V-drive build, all of these boats have plenty of room for friends, family and gear, since each boat holds at least 10 passengers. We have to be with friends and family to make it happen, and that social connection and camaraderie are what make what we do fun. Are you going to get world-class slalom wakes?

But you are going to get results that are more than adequate for most people, especially people sharing a boat. Think of it as the true convenience it is. Truth be told, water skiing was being phased out by boat companies because traditional ski boats weren't selling. As purists, we love the idea of sticking with skiing, but what probably matters even more if we really think about it is being out with friends and family and having fun together.Home Team Talk.

Team Talk Maintenance. Replacing Impeller MasterCraft Boats Announces Cannot update profile picture. Yesterday PM. Random nut and bolt appeared Today PM. Raleigh, NC. Meet other MasterCraft owners in your area or learn more about your local dealer.

TeamTalk Members Map. Yesterday AM. Maintenance Tips, How-tos and Refurbishing Topics. Find out how to keep your MasterCraft looking and running like new, and how-tos. Streaks and white film. Today AM. Home Made Ballast. Cool accessories to wire up? Still Here to Help. Repalce inside of engine clam Can I drill through a boat New Ramp N Clamp Issues. Bimini Top.

Do NOT buy Taylor slalom Taylor Made dock corners Wondering what a boat you are about to buy or sell is worth? Ask here.

mastercraft x14 wakesurfing

No complaints if the response is not what you wanted. What's it worth, Limited. Chrome 14" modular wheel with For Rent - Phoenix Arizona.

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Food Talk with TEX!!!!!!!! All times are GMT The time now is PM. User Name. Remember Me?With the new-for X-2 tow boat, MasterCraft is bucking a trend that—in great measure—it created. Wakeboard boats have been getting larger in recent years, and the Vonore, Tenn.

So what's up with the X-2? Pull off the swim platform and it measures just 20 feet, 6 inches. It's the smallest model in the company's X-Series, which includes a footer. Aren't hard-core wakeboard boats supposed to be bigger? First, tower and ballast system notwithstanding, the X-2 is not a hard-core wakeboard boat. It's designed as an all-around tow boat. Second, it will fit in the average American garage according to MasterCraft's marketing research.

No small deal, that. Third, and perhaps most important, the X-2 doesn't feel small. And from behind the boat or behind the wheel, it's way big fun. Towed Sports As noted, MasterCraft designed the X-2 for all-around water sports duty rather than ultra-serious wakeboarding. Our professional boarder concurred with that after runs with the boat's water-ballast system full, as well as empty. The wakes were substantial, well-angled ramps, yet they weren't intimidating.

With the ballast system empty and the speeds—managed easily by the X-2's PerfectPass system—up to slalom level, the boat laid down relatively flat, though still fairly solid, wakes. In light of the wakes being produced by a multisport model rather than a dedicated tournament boat, our skier gave the wakes good grades.

When it came to power out of the hole, our skier and boarder had nothing but raves for the X Our test model was equipped with an upgrade to the hp Vortec MCX multi-port injected engine, and power delivery was solid throughout its operating range. Thanks to a fly-by-wire throttle system, power delivery was smooth and immediate.Home Team Talk.

Mastercraft X14 Boats for sale

Need some advice. Bought a x14 and would like to try wakesurfing behind it. Any advice on the fill of the factory ballast and the extra sacs I will need.

Thanks John. Fill up the center tank and rear of the side you are surfing on, then add a fatsac seat base ontop of the seat behind the driver goofy rider or on the floor next to the motor box regular foot.

It surfs, the pocket is just close to the platform. Another thing to do is modify the platform or pin it up. Jason, Thanks for the tip. How big of a fatsac on the seat should I add? When I had my X14 Mike Siepel from Barefoot International recommended a pair of 's that won't fill all the way on each side rear.

Port on floor next to motorbox, starboard on wrap around seat. And another that still won't fill all the way due to space constraint in bow. So it left me confused. Then life changes never allowed me to really spend the time to experiment.

Personally I'd start with a on the side you surf as Jason suggested and go from there. When you want more than theyou have to buy bigger. If you get the you don't have to fill it completely.

mastercraft x14 wakesurfing

The rest I wasted. Remember, weight in the rear makes the wave taller. Weight in the bow makes the wave longer and hence makes for a larger "sweet spot". Try loading up the rear with ballast, and tell your friends to take a seat in the bow. With a bunch of weight in the bow, be sure to turn away from the side you're surfing on when the rider falls, and power the bow up when you crash through the waves after you turn around to keep water from coming over the bow.

Originally Posted by madcityskier. Thanks for all the tips. I found a lb sac I am going to start with and see what happens. Thread Tools. All times are GMT The time now is PM. X14 Wakesurfing. User Name.Stoke your sessions with perfect waves for everyone in your crew.

This is why adjustable waves are the ultimate way to make summer awesomer. The Hull Each hull is engineered to displace water. Every model in our lineup has a uniquely designed hull to create surf waves. The Ballast Placement and weight of the ballast tanks, along with plumbing and options like super quick FastFill Ballast Pumps or intelligent Switchback Ballast are unique to each model. The size, design, and placement of our shaping devices are unique to each boat model.

These customized devices, when paired with our large range of adjustment, is how we create the best surf experience for everyone on board. Software puts all the variables together—speed, ballast levels, and shaping devices—to make conjuring the perfect wave a breeze.

The easy-to-use in-dash controls also feature a quiver of surf profiles to cater to every surfer. Each bag is designed for each boat, and provides the optimum balance and weight displacement to create a big pocket with push at every length. Transfer port and starboard, wakeboard and wake surf.

The software is custom-tuned to each boat model. Custom matched to each boat model to enhance the water displacement from each side of the hull. Along with being the only company focused on customized wakes, we were the first towboat company to create surf technology, beginning in The bottom line: We have the best, most awarded, most adjustable system on the planet, resulting in more fun for everyone who surfs behind our boats.

Better Surf, Fun For All. Surf Experience. Everybody Wins. Surfers love it because each wave is tuned for them, so everybody on the boat—from beginner to advanced—gets infinitely adjustable, clean waves that roll out tailored for their tastes, board types, and ability levels: Easy to epic, breaking left or right, steep or mellow…with plenty of push at all lengths.

Gen 2 is precise and consistent too, so you can create the same unique waves across the widest range in the industry. Your Wave, Your Way. The Gen 2 Surf System Components. The Components. Only MasterCraft. Previous Next. Request A Factory Experience. Request A Brochure. Request A Test Drive.A Mastercraft, Nautique or Malibu? In a bold market move launched across boat shows, this is exactly what Malibu and Axis Dealers decided to do:.

Below is a summary of what we asked them to evaluate as well as the methodology behind the results. We will always believe that the ultimate truth is on the water, but we also understand that on-water testing is not always an option.

We trust this information as well as the visuals provided in the video links below will be useful in your boat buying decision. It is the yearBoarders Magazine has been in a 2 year hibernation and no longer taking on advertisers. This article is produced out of our mere passion for the sport of wakesurfing. Malibu Boats has unleashed Pandora and the world of wakesurfing will forever be changed.

The battle of boats is on! Everyone has been asking for a side by side comparison like this for years and finally- here it is. Props to industry veteran Wake9 for starting a similar boat comparison at their annual Polar Bear Wakesurf Review:. We Want More! Lets see more comparisons! We would love to see similar comparisons with other boat brands like Centurion, Supra and Tige.

Centurion-backed Boardco. Is Malibu the Clear Winner? Looking at all these videos there seems to be a clear difference between the wave length, height and size between all these models. Constructive criticism- the boat length in our opinion seems to be a little off. With our experience in the industry the length of the wave always seemed to be a mirror reflection of the length of the boat.

Thus a longer boat could always produce a longer wave.


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