Mazdaspeed 3 vvt noise

February 22, — A Mazda VVT variable valve timing lawsuit has been dismissed after a federal judge threw out most of the claims against the automaker. Lead plaintiff James Stevenson says his CX-7 experienced engine failure in related to the VVT assembly when the car had 63, miles.

Stevenson filed the VVT assembly lawsuit in August alleging he bought the Mazda CX-7 in Augustnot knowing the engine had an alleged defect. The car was sold with two warranties: a new vehicle limited warranty of 36 months or 36, miles and a powertrain limited warranty of 60 months or 60, miles.

The CX-7 has a VVT-equipped engine that according to the lawsuit, has defects that cause the timing chain to loosen or detach. The plaintiff claims Mazda knew about the VVT problem as early as because the automaker sent a technical service bulletin TSB to dealers in November According to the TSB, "[w]hen the engine is started, some vehicles may exhibit a loud ticking noise from the variable timing actuator at first start for a couple of seconds.

This is caused by the lock pin of the variable valve timing actuator not fully engaging. The November TSB was then superseded by another bulletin dated January 16,authorizing dealers to replace additional parts related to the VVT assembly and permitting new repair procedures.

According to the lawsuit, from there it was a TSB festival as the VVT bulletin was updated at least seven times through Februarywith each new TSB expanding the models and years of production. The plaintiff says Mazda failed to warn owners of the VVT problems and instead, allegedly "restricted dissemination of this knowledge to its authorized dealer service departments.

The letter informs owners that "a loud ticking noise may be exhibited from the VVT when the engine is first started at cold condition. However, there are conditions that apply to be eligible for the warranty extension.

First, the extension excludes vehicles made in certain years and second, the warranty extension "does not apply if the problem is caused by poor vehicle maintenance. In its motion to dismissMazda successfully argued it wasn't aware of the VVT problems when the plaintiff purchased the CX The plaintiff claimed the automaker must have known about the VVT engine problems because the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had received five complaints about the subject.

However, the judge agreed five complaints out of all the allegedly affected Mazda vehicles weren't proof the automaker knew of problems. The automaker also said its motion should be granted because the plaintiff admits his CX-7 started having problems over 3, miles beyond the end of the warranty. Mazda argued claims of consumer fraud, breach of implied warranty and concealment should all be dismissed because the plaintiff failed to allege facts to satisfy the pleading requirements to establish any of the claims.

District Judge Freda L. Wolfson granted Mazda's motion to dismiss by tossing out most of the claims. The judge completely dismissed three claims and partially dismissed the warranty claims. According to the judge. That left the only recourse the extended warranty angle, something that might have been a tough sell.

Once the judge had tossed the claims other than claims concerning the extended warranty, both parties agreed to voluntarily end the Mazda VVT lawsuit. Mazda Motor of America Inc. Judge grants motion to dismiss most of Mazda VVT lawsuit alleging engines fail from timing actuator. Wolfson That left the only recourse the extended warranty angle, something that might have been a tough sell.Valves control the flow of fuel, air, and gasses in your engine.

They are an integral part of internal combustion which can be broke down into 4 key phases:. Both need to be opened and closed with precision, hundreds of thousands of times. Early on, valves opened and closed for a specific amount of time only. That is wasteful and advances in engine technology now allow the timing, lifting, and duration that valves are left open to all be tweaked.

Automakers all use a variety of VVT systems, but they all come with one thing — complexity. Left untreated these problems can lead to oil leaks, stretched out timing chains, and catastrophic engine failure.

Mazda Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Engine Defect

In August,Mazda was sued for refusing to repair continuous variable valve timing assemblies in its L-Series engines. According to the lawsuit:. Do any of you change your own oil? Free Vehicle Alerts. Scott McCracken is a writer and analyst for CarComplaints. He is in charge of the site's alert systemwhich notifies subscribers about recalls, investigations, lawsuits, and other news about their specific vehicle for free.

Follow carcomplaints. Timing chain is stretched. Well, I went for an oil change and found out a timing chain that needs to be replaced and I have an oil leak. The extended warranty plan wants maintenance records and oil change records which I don't have. What is the purpose of getting an extended warranty if you have to go through this? It was almost paid for With no warning, the car quit on the side of the road.

We had it towed to 2 separate locations to get an estimate.New New posts New media New resources. Affiliate Disclosure. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Past Mazdas. Log in.

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Rattle noise from engine at idle.

mazdaspeed 3 vvt noise

Thread starter RichB Start date Sep 12, After my engine is warmed up and I am sitting at idle, it sounds like I have a rattle noise coming from the passenger side of the engine. I hear nothing when the engine is cold. Could it be my timing chain? When should the timing chain and tensioner be changed?

What about the VVT? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Darth Vader. Betting on the accessory belt tensioner. Remove the accessory drive belt and start the car. Still there? Then look elsewhere. VVT should typically be a rattle at startup that goes away as oil pressure builds. Put your finger in the oil fill and push on the timing chain between the chainwheels. Should be no slack here.

mazdaspeed 3 vvt noise

I thought the noise was my accessory belt tensioner at first but I replaced it over the weekend and I still hear a rattle. I opened up the oil cap to check the chain and I can basically lift if off of the sprocket. I am guessing that I have too much slack. I had my tensioner go bad. Now after 10k more it sounds to be going again.Mazda faces a class action lawsuit brought on behalf of vehicle owners, alleging that the automaker intentionally concealed information about an engine valve defect and has refused to repair the problem.

The complaint PDF was filed in the U. District Court for the District of New Jersey on August 21, seeking class action status to represent all owners of Mazda vehicles that used engines equipped with a variable valve timing VVT assembly.

Unfortunately, as part of the purchase process, Mazda has concealed material facts regarding the defect from purchasers and lessors of vehicles equipped with a defective VVT assembly. None of the defective engines have been in production sinceaccording to the complaint.

However, class action indicates that the company has known about the problem since Novemberwhen it issued a technical service bulletin TSB to dealers stating:. When the engine is started, some vehicles may exhibit a loud ticking noise from the variable valve timing actuator at first start for a couple of seconds.

This is caused by the lock pin of the variable valve timing actuator not fully engaging.

What Owners Are Saying

Heat treatment has now been added around the hole of the variable valve timing rotor lock pin to prevent this from happening. The lawsuit says that the company determined that the variable valve timing assembly problems were caused by inadequate or improper hardening of the components when they were first manufactured and attempted several times to fix the problem.

The company has also received a number of consumer complaints about variable valve timing assembly failure leading to catastrophic engine failures, according to the complaint. However, the lawsuit claims that Mazda referred to the problem as a noise concern and did not advise consumers that it could lead to catastrophic engine failure, and excluded a number of vehicles with the defective VVT from the program.

The class action lawsuit for Mazda vehicle owners indicates presents claims for fraudulent concealment, breach of warranty, and violating consumer protection laws.

This is BS and Mazda needs to step up and honor this poorly designed engine. How many people need to experience the same exact issue for them to accept a class action suit?

Even purchased a new computer,and had it flashed to vehicle,with fresh updated program. No change. My car blew going 60 on a highway with no issues pervious.

I was on my way to pick up my son if we where on the highway going the other direction we would have been dead.

NOTE: Providing information for review by an attorney does not form an attorney-client relationship. Twitter Facebook. However, class action indicates that the company has known about the problem since Novemberwhen it issued a technical service bulletin TSB to dealers stating: When the engine is started, some vehicles may exhibit a loud ticking noise from the variable valve timing actuator at first start for a couple of seconds.

Yes No. Provide additional contact information if you want an attorney to review your comments and contact you about a potential case. This information will not be published. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.How can you tell if your VVT Actuator is failing?

You will hear a rattle on start up coming from the passenger side of the motor. What's happening is the actuator can't hold oil pressure and therefore it can't take up the slack in the chain and allows it to hit the timing cover. This is the first sign that your VVT Actuator is going out and you will need to replace it quickly. If the car slips timing, pistons will meet valves and you will be left looking for a new motor.

If you are only looking for certain components in the kit, use the list below with links to each individual part. Items Included in the Kit:. Amazing product comes with everything u need to replace the VVT timing chain with genuine and quality parts, made replacing my old one a piece of cake!

Engine pulls stronger. Thank you! Highly recommend edge autosport to anyone with a mazdaspeed. They have excellent products. Very well pleased. Been working on cars for years and got my first speed 3 and the VVT went out did some research and edgeautosport popped up with a complete OEM kit and the tool need to hold time.

Edgeautosport took all the guessing work out of getting all the right parts install went easy and parts worked perfectly. Highly recommend this company also fast prompt shipping! All the parts in one purchase and all oem parts what more do you want. My parts arrived quickly, was great quality!

Car runs fantastic again! I ordered this kit, delivered it to my mechanic who builds performance cars. He approved of it as its genuine OEM parts.Log in or Sign up.

Do it the right way and do it once, read over this a few times and make sure you know exactly what needs to happen in the order it needs to happen. Be sure to have this and the FSM handy for quick reference on torque specs though I have listed a few, you still need to know some others as well as the order in which things should be tightened and anything else I may or may not have inputed into this How-To.

I only removed for reference and state I cannot stress this enough!!! The slightest play in the bolt will allow the car to have problems as this is your primary coil pack ground. TIM Before we get started I want to suggest taking off the hood. I never used to remove it before with small stuff. Jack up the car, support on jack stands. Then: Remove all the following: Passenger wheel and any fender liners that are blocking the Crank pulley.

Skid Plate but who has one of those? TMIC or FMIC Piping covering the VC Coil packs and spark Plugs removing plugs will make the next step easier, as there will not be any pressure building up in the cylinders when you spin the crank From there, I have always broken the crank bolt free as the motor is probably still warm.

Your Crank Pulley Will line up with a threaded hole on the Timing Cover this is where you will place the M6x1 bolt 10mm Notice bolt on pulley in picture below: Now grab your marker.

On the Crank Pulley there is a spot that should now be at the top where there is a tooth missing. You should be able to count 20 teeth towards the crankshaft position sensor CKPS or counter clockwise. There are two bolts 8mmone on top closest to the battery, and one on the side itself. Then she will come right out. You will need the T8 Inverted Torx, and a 17mm open ended wrench. There are three 3 bolts on the fuel pump. The wiring harness you removed off the VC and Manifold earlier There is the two that came off the other harness, then one connector for the VTCS.

Push it to the fire wall and tuck it under something. Also, remove the silver bracket two, 2, 10mm bolts and place that out of the way. Take your flathead screw driver and place it in between the yellow clip on the forward fuel line, then lightly pry it open. Now grab one of your zip ties and wrap it around the main fuel feed to the fuel rail like this: Grab your 17mm open ended wrench and break the nut free and un-thread it all the way down.

Make sure to remove all three bolts equally while wiggling the pump out of the housing. Place it in a clean area that will not be messed with, preferably located with the fuel pump.I help heart-centered high achievers grow their income and impact online. Let's have some fun. Send It To Me.

mazdaspeed 3 vvt noise

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