Powerful prayer for a cheating husband

This page contains. We have lots of different prayers. Consider scrolling all the way down. Also consider our:. Powerful Prayers for Marriage Restoration.

powerful prayer for a cheating husband

Healing Prayer for Marriages. Prayers for my Addicted Spouse. Note that. Some of these prayers are written. Note that you can easily. Most of these prayers were originally written several years ago by Beth when she was a volunteer for a prayer ministry. The prayers were written and sent to hurting people who submitted prayer cards to that ministry. Note that there are. And at the very bottom of the page is a video of Fireproof - the Movie. That movie and the book that goes with it, have been used to help save many marriages.

First is a general prayer. Prayer for a friend or a. Lord of Miracles. We come before you and lay this marriage in your hands. How to access controller variable in javascript mvc ask that you would revive this husband and this wife, and draw them toward happy matrimony.Things happen in your life to teach you valuable lessons.

Some of those things will be actions that you inflict on yourself and other elements will be out of your control. There is a lot of scripture that addresses sin and how Christians can rise above difficult times in life.

So earnest and repent.

Prayer for a Troubled Marriage

Cheating is hurtful and can effect more than just the partners in a relationship. Children, family members on each side, and friends are deeply affected by infidelity. While there is no way to turn back time and choose to be faithful instead, there is one invaluable resource that can always be called upon — prayer. During this period of your life you will need prayer and faith more than ever. A prayer to ask the Lord for forgiveness and to guide you and your spouse is crucial.

Hear my prayer, O Lord; let my cry for help come to You. Do not hide Your face from me when I am in distress. Turn Your ear to me; when I call, answer me quickly. You will fulfill the desires of those who fear You; You hear my cry and save me and my spouse. Lord, You know my mountain of circumstances in my marriage. So I am believing You, that whatever I ask for in prayer, that I believe that I have received it, and it will be mine. And when I stand praying, if I hold anything against anyone, I forgive them, so that my Father in heaven may forgive me of my sins.

Lord, with man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God. Give your spouse time to forgive. Be patient because there are many steps in the forgiveness process — one of those crucial steps is first forgiving yourself. Sometimes we can be our most difficult critic, and admitting that can help to move mountains.

Put your faith in God and allow him to steer the course. Understand that matters are out of your control and in the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ. As you recite your prayers for forgiveness, invite your partner to join — odds are they need prayer and strength just as much as you do.I would like to ask you a question, have you unleashed the power of prayer for the cheating husband yet?

Prayer Is Powerful When Targeted. If you had done everything you know to turn your man around but he is still wandering, pray. Prayer for the cheating husband can get rid of influences and habits whether they are forming or have become hardcore.

Prayer to end adultery in your marriage-Dr Pat (Recommended)

Pray for him daily - it could be one prayer said over several days. The answer you seek could come quicker than you imagine, or take several praying days to show up, but the effect will be a lifetime.

The Christian prayer for the cheating husband is not against person s but against the spirit behind this shameful behavior misbehavior, really. Your prayer for the cheating husband should flow like this. Continue to pray along this line every day until you start to see changes in his behavior and attitudes.

As you pray, God will also give you wisdom to alter those things that will hasten his turnaround. This prayer for cheating husband will eliminate every foul spirit holding him captive. But you will require fresh wisdom to keep the victory.

If you have started prayers along these lines, I'm certain you are seeing results. Or do you want to share an experience or a thought on the matter? Perhaps you want others to join you in prayers at a certain time on one of the points? Just say it. Whatever you have to say, this is your opportunity to let others benefit from your experience. Close Help. Entering your story is easy to do.

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You can preview and edit on the next page. My husband is having an ongoing affair and has asked for a divorce.Get It Right This Time Prayer for the change of cheating husband is powerful and always brings amazing results.

Before the final outcome, the route of the expected answers may seem strange or appear to have derailed; the challenge may worsen and be rolling without any intervention.

This is normal, it does not diminish the immense power of prayers. The secret to answered prayer is persistence, whether there are visible changes or not, until the deed is done.

You do not understand all factors at play in this sad misbehavior of your man, which is why you turned it over to God who is all-knowing. Let God handle it His way, and change whom or what he may, to grant your answers. There are three levels of change to expect on the way to the answer of the prayers. Bear in mind that the important thing is that your husband is changing in answer to your prayers.

If you really prayed, the change of cheating husband is not in your control anymore. Here the end justifies the means!

powerful prayer for a cheating husband

This is not even the time to extract confessions and apologies from him. If he offers them without prodding, all well and good, otherwise there will be appropriate time to hear all the details in edifying manner. Most men are too embarrassed to return to their wives after their shameful misdeeds. Your job is to make the change of cheating husband easier for him. Remember the story of the prodigal son in Luke Restore Him Completely.

Give him back his place as the man and head of the house. He may lack confidence to take his place, so re-assure him and act as if nothing happened. This may be difficult but cooperate with God that brought him back. Openly thank God for bringing him back. There may still be visible and invisible undesirable manners in him.

Pray continually for them to drop off. If you terminate your prayers too soon, you may lose him again. Colossians If it is prayer that brought you the resultyou need prayer to sustain the change of cheating husband. However, endeavor to make him join you in the prayers. Prayer Help.

How To pray When To Pray What To Pray A decision to use, or not to use, this information is the sole responsibility of the reader. Please see an attorney or a qualified counselor for proper assessment and advice on your options. Is Your Husband Gay? Is Your Marriage Dead? Get Prayer Help Now! I promise to use it only to send you Help Me In Prayer!.

Then Don't worry — your e-mail address is totally secure.Battling injustice? Get my free Prayer to Reverse Unjust Situations here! Sister, is your husband cheating on you? If so, I want to help you pray today with a powerful, Biblical, spiritual warfare prayer for a cheating husband to STOP his adultery.

powerful prayer for a cheating husband

Usually, these wives are praying hard for their husbands to come back home. I always pray for every family and every marriage when I receive these emails, but I want to equip you to pray with power over these situations yourself as well. Because the majority of requests I receive are from wives.

powerful prayer for a cheating husband

Also, men and women are created differently, so this prayer is written to pray specifically for men. However, if you're a man reading this and you're looking to pray for a cheating wife, you can still use this prayer.

Just change it where the Lord leads you based on a woman's needs and using the female pronoun, okay? I may also try to write a prayer for cheating wives later on, to help the brothers among us. Father, I thank You today that You are alive and hearing me pray.

I thank You for sending Your Son Jesus to come to earth, live a perfect life, and die for me just to save me from sin. I thank You that Jesus is alive and resurrected, sitting at Your right hand, where He ever lives to make intercession for me and my husband. I first want to acknowledge that I don't know what to pray for as I ought to—or how to offer it worthily to You, as I ought to.

But Lord, Your Word says Romans that Holy Spirit will intercede for me and through me with moanings and groanings which cannot be uttered ; and You who search the hearts know what the mind of the Spirit is, for He makes intercession for the saints—for me—according to Your perfect will.

Father, I pray that Holy Spirit would make intercession for me right now with those moanings and groanings which cannot be uttered. I pray also that You who search the hearts would know what the mind of the Spirit is, for He makes intercession for me according to Your will. I invite You to pray both through me and for me right now, Holy Spirit, in Jesus' name; and I thank You for doing this and for helping me pray. I come to you on behalf of my husband, Lord, and lifting up my marriage to You.

Father, You see what insert husband's name is doing. You see that he is insert what he is doing here. Lord, Your Word says that You have given us free will. My husband is free to make his own choices.

However, Lord, You have also said that he will be bound in sin until You save Him—and that I can pray and You will move. However, Father, I also believe that You have given me the love I have for this man, and I believe that You have called me to pray for my husband's return to our home—and to our children—instead of leaving him.

Father, my husband and I are one flesh based on Your Word. We have been united in the bounds of holy matrimony, and we are one. And since we are one flesh, this means that praying for my husband is the same as me praying for myself. We are one. Your Word says that I may bind things on earth that are already bound in Heaven, Lord; and I may loose things on earth that are already loosed in Heaven Matthew Your Word says that I am to pray, decree, and command Your Kingdom to come and Your will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven Matthew Therefore, Lord, I stand before You today in governance over my life and over my husband's life, for we are one flesh; and I am here to decree and declare Your Word over our situation.

I expect You to move on my behalf as I do this, Lord, for I believe and know that You have been waiting for this prayer of mine in order to move on my behalf, stop my husband's adultery, and bring him home in his right mind. I decree that there will be no more cheating or adultery in our marriage, from this time forth and forevermore.Do you need a miracle to recover from betrayal?

Powerful prayers that work for healing from betrayals, like a spouse's infidelity or a friend's backstabbing, are those that you pray with faith, believing that God can perform miracles and inviting God and his angels to do so as you deal with the aftermath of the affair or another kind of betrayal. Here's an example of how to pray for miraculous healing to recover after someone you've trusted has betrayed you.

This is an original prayer. You can use it to inspire you in your own prayers, modifying it as suits your situation. This prayer can help you avoid further emotional damage from bitterness and negative desires for revenge. It may seem like a miracle right now that you won't suffer from these emotions forever. I can always count on you to love me completely and unconditionally. Thank you for being perfectly trustworthy.

I can always rely on you to do what's best for me and help me with whatever I need. Please help me remember that you are here for me even when others betray me. You know all of the painful thoughts and feelings I'm dealing with after being betrayed by [mention your specific situation here].

I can't believe this happened to me. It hurts so much to have someone I thought I could trust do this to me. God, I need a miracle to find peace after what I've been through. Please give me that peace so I can think about the betrayal from your perspective and control my emotions rather than having them control me. My loving Father in heaven, I know you agree that betrayal is wrong and are just as upset as I am about what has happened to me. But I also know that you want me to forgive [name the person who betrayed you].

Empower me to forgive by letting go of the offense and trusting you to bring justice to the situation in the right ways and at the right times. Please free me from the burden of holding onto a grudge and help me move on with my life well. God, I confess that this betrayal has damaged my confidence.

I feel insecure and blame myself for mistakes I made in the relationship before I was betrayed. I wonder what I could have done differently to prevent this betrayal from happening. Please steer me away from wasting my time and energy living in the past, and help me focus now on how I can best move into a better future.

Remind me of how valuable I am as a person, and let me sense your love for me in tangible ways, such as an encouraging message from a guardian angel that you have assigned to care for me. As I move forward with the other relationships in my life, help me not to punish those who have goodwill toward me by assuming that they will betray me like [your spouse, your friend, etc.

Help me to trust the people I know who are treating me well. After I've worked through the forgiveness process with [the person who betrayed you], help me to rebuild trust in our relationship gradually over time, if he or she is willing to change and reconcile with me.

Show me people who can support me as I recover from this betrayal, such as a counselor, a clergy person, friends, and family members who are caring and trustworthy. Thank you for them; please bless them for their help. My faithful God, I love you and look forward to enjoying your true love every day of my life.

Share Flipboard Email. Whitney Hopler. Religion Expert. Whitney Hopler has written on faith topics since Updated December 27, A certain man discovered that his wife was secretly seeing another man. She would meet him on business trips and spend long hours after work with him. For months she had neglected her home responsibilities, such as making any meals for her husband. He learned about the "hedge of thorns" that he could claim in prayer for his wife, and one day he used it.

10 Prayers to Pray over Your Husband

That evening when he got home from work, his wife was in the kitchen making their first meal in four months! A wife learned that her husband was spending time with a younger woman. She learned further that he was planning to leave her and marry this younger woman.

She was told how to pray for a "hedge of thorns" around her husband. The next evening he received a phone call from the young woman telling him that she wanted to break off their relationship. The wife of a young pastor left him and began working in a bar. She was planning to marry the barkeeper. The grieving husband learned how to pray for a "hedge of thorns" around his wife, and three days later, his wife called him up and was ready to return home. These are only a few of the many illustrations which Christians are experiencing as a result of building a "hedge of thorns" or "hedge of protection" around their loved ones.

However, there is far more to the story than just praying a certain prayer. The Scriptural basis for the "hedge of thorns" is found in several passages. First of all, God looks for an intercessor to make up a "hedge" of protection. Job is an example of such a man in the O. Job He prayed for God's protection over his family - including his sons and daughters whom he feared cursed God in their hearts.

The result was that God "made an hedge about him, and about his house, and about all that He had on every side". Satan must get clearance from God for whatever he does, and his actions become God's dealings in love. A further illustration of the hedge is found in Hosea. God promised to make a hedge of thorns around Hosea's adulterous wife so that her lovers would lose interest in her. Hosea After God built a hedge of thorns around Hosea's unfaithful wife, and her lovers left her, she decided to return to her husband.


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