Robot grease manual

Optimum performance of your robot s can be maintained by performing periodic robot preventive maintenance procedures. Failure to provide regular robot preventive maintenance can lead to issues including: position deviation, repeatability issues, cable damage, loss of programs, and possible safety issues.

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robot grease manual

Where Should the Robot Controller Go? One of the many decisions that needs to be made in the layout and design…. How to Select the Best Collaborative Robot. Call Today Contact Us. Sign up for Newsletter.The importance of changing and maintaining the grease in your robot is similar to importance of changing the oil in your vehicle. If the robot is used daily, the color of the grease should be inspected once a month, to check the color and consistency.

The manual will give you information on different types of grease, which is important, because not all of your joints will run on the same type of grease. While every robot joint needs to be greased, the second and third joints on your robot may be the dirtiest because they move the most. While all robot joints have an in plug, only those with gears will also have an out plug — like the second and third joints on most robots. What kind of grease should you use to grease joints? This will soften the existing grease, and make expulsion easier.

Remove the in and out plugs for your axes and allow the robot to continue to move. If you do not keep the robot moving, the old, dirty grease will settle into the bottom, and the new grease will glide over it, making it appears as if the process is complete. Then, when you run the robot, and check the grease a month later, it may be black again. Once you have expelled all of the old grease, place a spot of grease over the out plug of the joint.

If you are putting in new grease in the right area, a bubble should form over the out plug as air is pushed out of the joint. Once all of the new grease is added, you are ready to roll. Are you interested in learning more about greasing your robot, or which robot grease is right for your robot?

How to Grease Your Industrial Robot. Featured Posts. Get our newsletter Stay on top of the latest news. Sign Up.We have 2 fanuc robots at our shop, and i recently noticed they are both due for a grease change. I'm wondering how much grease i should order and from where?

I am out of Canada, Manitoba if that changes anything. At my place it is more worth it to get it from Fanuc because if someone else has to order it trough Fanuc they pay the same at Fanuc and will add you something to your price.

Ours came in 5 gallon pails and we have a pneumatic grease gun setup that sits on top of it. Your manuals should tell you how much grease each robot will take. I didn't get much hands on with this part of our shutdown maintenance but I believe there is a "feed" and a "dump" fitting.

You loosen the dump fitting and attach a hose going to an empty pail and pump new grease in the other end until you can see new grease coming out of the dump. But lets see if someone else can chime in to verify.

There is a certain position and usually I believe it just lining up the tick marks on the robots putting each axis at a 90 degree angle.

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There is also a "workout" needed to be done where each axis needs to be jogged back and forth a certain degree each way for a certain period of time. All of that should be covered in the manuals. Set the robot in a comfortable position for yourself, release the OUT plug, install the IN grease nipple if there isn't one already - I think R has them already installed, some smaller robots only have plugs - pump until clean grease pushes out through the outlet.

Do not use high pressure for pumping. Use a handpump if possible, otherwise pneumatic set on low pressure. Do not hurry. Do not make a mess or you'll get a lot of stink eyes. Some grease will probably push out. Clean it off and install the plugs. Your robots will live happily for another year. Pay close attention to the used grease coming out, especially at the start.

Watch for metal shavings. If you notice them, be prepared for a reducer swap somewhere in the future.There's no denying that robot grease is a critical component of industrial robot maintenance.

It is important to use the appropriate grease for precision reduction gears and change it out periodically.

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Even when you play by the rules, there can still be grease problems. While it contains many of the same ingredients as other grease mixtures, the Vigo recipe is reported to offer superior performance. This relatively new robot gear lubricant is now used for Nabtesco reduction gears on new robots.

Older robot models will still rely on MolyWhite. MolyWhite, a heterogeous mixture of grease and oil, has long been a standby for lubricating robotic gears. However, the oil tends to separate from the mixture and leak out of the seals, which are designed to keep out grease, not oil.

The breakdown of MolyWhite robot grease can be caused by heat and other factors.

robot grease manual

The Vigo grease mixture is slightly altered from MolyWhite, containing a larger quantity of EP extreme pressure additives, in this case Mollybdenum compound and zinc compound. According to Bichon, Vigo grease appears to be less viscous than MolyWhite, which may be one reason for its superior performance when it comes to robot reduction gears. While Vigo is more expensive than other varieties of robot grease, it has the potential to offer a much better ROI.

Without the proper robot grease, reduction gears can break down and jam. Keep scheduled reminders to check gears and preventative maintenance checks to extend the life of your robot. Always follow the guidance provided in your specific robot manual.

Robot Maintenance and Vigo Grease. Vigo Vs. MolyWhite: MolyWhite, a heterogeous mixture of grease and oil, has long been a standby for lubricating robotic gears. Featured Posts.

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The DX operator's manual above corresponds to specific usage. Be sure to use the appropriate manual. Table of Contents. Options for motofit function engineering support tool pages. For conveyor synchronized function with shift functions 98 pages. Options for convey or synchronized function 86 pages.

Terms of Use and Copyright Notice All rights reserved. This manual is freely available as a service to Yaskawa customers to assist in the operation of Motoman robots, related equipment and software This manual is copyrighted property of Yaskawa and may not be sold or redistributed in any way. Page 3 If such modification is made, the manual number will also be revised. The representatives are listed on the back cover. Be sure to tell the representative the manual number listed on the front cover.

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Page 5 Failure to observe this caution may result in electric shock or injury. Failure to observe these safety precautions may result in death or serious injury from unexpected turning of the manipulator's arm. Page 6 Confirm that no person is present in the P-point maximum envelope of the manipulator and that you are in a safe location before: — Turning ON the power for the DX Always follow the warnings on the labels.

Also, an identification label with important information is placed on the body of the manipulator. Prior to operating the manipulator, confirm the contents. Page Table Of Contents 4 Wiring Special care must be taken when more than one manipulator is to be installed.

If the numbers do not match, manipulators may not perform as expected and cause injury or damage. Page Order Number Confirmation 1. The order number is located on a label as shown below. Failure to observe this caution may result in injury or damage. The system consists of precision components. Be sure that the manipulator is fixed with the shipping bolts and brackets before transport, and lift it in the posture as shown in Fig.

See Fig. Failure to observe this warning may result in injury or damage. It prevents unforeseen accidents with personnel and damage to equipment. Refer to the quoted clause for your information and guidance: Responsibility for Safeguarding ISO The user of a manipulator or robot system shall ensure that safeguards are provided and used in accordance with Sections 6, 7, and 8 of this standard.

The baseplate should be rugged and durable to prevent shifting of the manipulator or the mounting fixture. It is recommended to prepare a baseplate of 50 mm or more thickness, and anchor bolts of M20 or larger size. Failure to observe this caution may result in burn caused by cable heat emission failure. Grounding Follow electrical installation standards and wiring regulations for grounding.Due to recent events, our hours of operation have temporarily been reduced.

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robot grease manual

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