X plane 10 vs 11

New to the forums? Click here to read the "How To" Guide. Click here to go to the Developer Forums. RedRizla Posts: 6, Valuable Player. January in Games and Apps. I'm asking which is most realistic because here's what I don't get about these two sims. When you read about X- Plane 11 though, I've come across real Helicopters pilots that say it feels like the real thing.

But the same goes for DCS where real pilots says it feels like the real thing. If that's the case, then why is it that both Helicopters or planes seem easier to fly in X-Plane 11?

I just don't get it? January It might be different aspects of each one's simulation feels more realistic in one or the other.

X-Plane 11 vs FSX vs P3D: Which is Better & Why

Plus it depends on which helicopter you try, were you flying a Huey in X-Plane? Was it a built in heli or a third party one? Having never flown a real helicopter I've been in one, but not as the pilotI can't really judge. But for world realism, X-Plane actually has the street where I live in it, even though I'm far away from any airport.

DCS doesn't even have my hemisphere. I know that's not what you meant by realism. How can one feel easier to fly then the other if they clockwork bow 5e supposed to feel realistic?

I used to think DCS had the advantage when it came to flight dynamics, but I'm not sure a helicopter would be that difficult to handle these days. That and they just seem easier to flt in X - Plane So which sim is the most realistic when it comes to flight dynamics? BeastyBaiter Posts: January edited January As for real pilots saying it feels like the real thing, that's actually an old story. People said flight sims felt like the real thing simpson 4x6 post to beam connector years ago, and they did.

But that doesn't mean it can't feel even more real with more detail. I haven't messed with X-Plane in a while and only ever conan exiles treasure chest map one of their free choppers.

It felt chopper-ish, but was very sterile and felt simplified. I don't mean it was any easier to fly, it wasn't.

It simply felt a lot less nuanced. I can't comment on paid addon ones, perhaps they are better. I can say aircraft in general in DCS behave very much like real aircraft under most conditions. Ground handling has always been a bit hit or miss in DCS, particularly with taildraggers. But that's the only real limitation compared to other flight sims imho.

BeastyBaiter said:. BrokenSymmetry Posts: I was asked that question today in the YouTube comments, and I thought it was a good one. I use a Mac at home, and have had X-Plane on my system for at least 10 years. And I love P3d. So maybe six months back I downloaded X-Plane 10, and it lasted on my system for about 10 minutes.

As soon as I figured out that I could not easily run with multiple screens it was clear X-Plane 10 was a non-starter for the sim. So I happily stayed with P3D. But when the X-Plane 11 beta was released I learned that it had native multi-monitor support, so I decided to give it a go. I was very taken with several aspects of the X-Plane 11 experience. The fast loading time and modern and easy-to-use user interface were great.

X-Plane 11.50 Beta 3 - Vulkan vs OpenGL - Max Settings Test

The default scenery had come a very long way and looked great. And it never crashed.

Why I Switched To X-Plane 11

But initially, what really got my attention were the graphics. Without even full sliders the visuals in X-Plane 11 — the night lighting, the reflections, the way light moves about the scenery — were stunning. I loved what I saw, and it was enough to get me to spend some time with it, and in that process I was very taken with the X-Plane flight models. X-Plane models flight in a fundamentally different way than FSX or P3D, and at least to me, the way the airplane moves both on the ground and in the air feels much more realistic than in P3D.

That was enough for me to figure out a solution to the nettlesome and frankly disappointing fact that X-Plane does not allow separate eyepoints for each monitor. And once I had that nut cracked I was sold. I never intended to switch to X-Plane I was just checking it out based on the passion demonstrated by other simmers and pilots I follow online.

But once I used it, I stayed with it. And with about a month of time under the belt, I continue to stay with it for the UI, stability, and flight models as noted above. I still have P3D on my system. But I booted it up a few weeks ago with a friend, and in comparison to using X-Plane it felt archaic. I even got an OOM to boot. I will keep following P3D, will fly it from time to time, and eagerly await the 64 bit version that will certainly come this year.

I will hope to have Lockheed Martin prove me wrong, because if they do, it will mean only spectacular things for our community and our hobby. But in the meantime you will probably find me in X-Plane, cruising over some stunning photorealistic scenery, enjoying the flight model, and probably, talking to the controllers on PilotEdge.

I wuz thinking…today. I have been a long time flight simmer all the way back in Flight Simulator era.

x plane 10 vs 11

In fact I was in the Navy when a friend of mine introduced me to Flight Sim and I have been hooked ever since. I used Flight Simulator for a few years and then I had to transfer.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. X-Plane 11 Store Page. Global Achievements. I can not see many improvements comparing the screens. Are there significant improvements that you would say justify spending another 50 EUR? Does it support SLI now? Cheers chrisdash. Showing 1 - 15 of 20 comments. SLI support should be next year hopefully. Personally, the UI is a big step up from X-Plane 10, and any X-Plane fanatic would obviously buy the latest and greatest version anyway.

And performance wise, it's just got quite a bit better in I'm not an X-Plane fanatic. For 60 EUR, I would want significant improvements. So I'm gonna pass for now. Maybe next year Vulkan is for AMD cards only.

Makes no sense for my 4K setup right now, not until Vega is out.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. X-Plane 11 Store Page. Global Achievements. Showing 1 - 15 of 18 comments. View Profile View Posts. X-Plane 11 has better graphics, some changes in physics and has alot of other advantages compared to X-Plane FSX mods are better, that is true but there are really good addons for X-Plane 11, too, like f.

From my opinion, X-Plane is always going to be the future of flight simulation. It is a significant step-up from X-Plane 10, with it's new fog and lighting engine, intuitive UI and ease of use. The lead developers work full-time on this flight sim from their own homes, but from what I know, FSX is just a game that gets few major updates nowadays. However, I think X-Plane 11 provides a better base game than FSX, and this is what distinguishes it from its competitors.

It's unbelievably realistic in X-Plane X-Plane has a dedicated community of scenery and plugin mods makers that cheerfully offer the really cool stuff they make for free. Ya gotta check out the x-plane.

And support the store there! Flight in X-Plane just feels more realistic and looks pretty darn good with just a few free addons, FSX is a much simpler flight model and can be made to look amazing if you are willing to drop the cash There is really too much to list about how different BUT YET somehow the same these 2 sims are, But since the release of X-Plane 11 and all the news stuff they have done to it, and are planning to do, I say if you truly love flight sims, you need BOTH!!

So there is really no VFR in this game at least not if you do NOT want to get hit by a departing plane when you are landing yours. I never make impulse purchases without consulting the tinternet first. I also use a lot of plugins to enhance the sim. Some slow it right down. Most do nothing to frame rate.

Sinnaps View Profile View Posts. What FX11 brings to the table it brings in a banquet. It just feels like Some dishes are missing. In time it should fill out but for now much of it feels lacking, ie aircraft selection, ATC, etc. Originally posted by mks.

I recently purchased the Jardesign Aneo. It only comes with one livery, but there are over one-hundred additional liveries online - just for that aircraft.For the majority of flight sim fans, virtual piloting starts and ends with the Microsoft Flight Simulator series. Of all the pretenders to the throne, perhaps the biggest is X-Plane from Laminar Research, now in its tenth edition.

Which would be a crying shame. While Microsoft was ruling the airborne roost over on PCs in the early 90s, X-Plane snuck up on the flight sim market via the Mac. It introduced in primarily as an attempt to create a similar movement amongst those notorious games players in the Apple community.

Being Mac-driven, naturally there was an emphasis on doing things more intellectually than us knuckle-dragging cavemen using PCs their words… probably. Planes all have large amounts of numerical values assigned to them, covering their varying degrees of aerodynamics, ultimately representing their individual flight behaviour dynamics. Blade element theory models the individual parts that make up a plane most notably the propeller blades and wings from mathematical point of view, looking at how lift, drag and so on affect each separate part of the plane and then combining it all into a behavioural whole.

More often than not, each part of a plane is further subdivided into smaller and smaller sections to make the simulation even more accurate. The biggest advantage this gave X-Plane is to allow it to include an aircraft creation program in the core product. Users could spend many happy hours building the aircraft of their dreams, then tweaking numbers here and numbers there and seeing what effect all the tinkering has on how it flies usually like a house brick with gossamer wings in my case.

What X-Plane did was to take everything Microsoft was doing, make it more intellectually rigorous and give the user the tools to make their own content right out of the box. Then they slapped an appropriately Apple-y price tag on it. It proved popular enough that a Windows version followed three years later ina Linux version in and today even features versions that work on iPads, iPhones and Android platforms.

For the casual flyer, content to potter around the skies in a less than totally realistic manner, maybe not. It provides an authentic experience of civil aviation. Earlier this year, one last attempt was made to push a Microsoft-branded flying experience onto the masses. Unfortunately, Microsoft Flight was a pared down abomination of the highest order, unsure of what it wanted to be and, therefore, satisfying none.

While, Microsoft has plummeted back to Earth, Laminar Research has kept plugging away. Version 10 of X-Plane was released in November and the team in South Carolina has no plans on stopping. Back to Top.

Promoted How Rainbow Six Siege breached the world of esports. Who are the biggest female streamers?Perhaps before we attempt to answer the above question, we should point out that whatever Flight Simulation program you opt for — and many simulation pilots have both — each are sound platforms from which to tour the virtual skies.

x plane 10 vs 11

And each has its pros and cons. Furthermore, both come with a range of available add-ons — both free and paid for extras that enhance and improve your experience in your flight sim missions. What is perhaps most interesting, to both experienced users and beginners alike, is just how different these two flight sim packages actually are. Because this article is quite lengthy, we have provided jump links which you can use below.

OK, so what exactly do you get when you purchase one or the other of the above titles. Well, first of all, there is the aircraft themselves. FSX comes with 30 available aircraft ranging from the standard commercial airliners to single-engine airplanes and helicopters. By comparison, X-Plane 11 has eight less, boasting a still respectable 22 different aviation vehiclesbut still around a quarter less than its competitor. Cessna in flight. And when we consider that the graphics on Flight Simulator X are not exactly terrible, that perhaps shows how detailed and improved such graphics actually are on the XP11 program.

It is probably accurate to say that many FSX users have since replaced their original 30 aircraft with add-ons, which as we will see, particularly for this package, opens a door to an abundance of extra aircraft and scenarios. Indeed, while the platform is over a decade old, which in itself is a further testament as to just how strong the program is to still be a major player in the virtual flight world, some of the sounds and feel of the aircraft appear slightly dated to the more up to date, slicker, and overall slightly more realistic options on offer courtesy of XP It would appear, at least at the moment, that opinion is quite split regarding the aircraft available for P3D.

While some users very much state their belief that the quality and quantity of planes is better on P3D, at least an equal amount, if not more, appear to favor XP11 or FSX.

And a large part of the reason is the amount of money required to be spent in order to achieve a realistic feel, with P3D seeming to come down on the expensive side of the line more often than not.

We have written and explored many of the scenery add-ons available for FSX previously. So, with that in mind, it is not particularly a knock on FSX to state that the basic scenery available for the XP program, while in itself not mind-blowing, is of a higher standard.

x plane 10 vs 11

Their use of high-tech street mapping and 3D graphics appear to make the city streets and roads burst into life more than the Microsoft package. Indeed, at the time Microsoft's Flight Simulator X burst onto the scene a decade or so ago, such graphics appeared top notch. Now, however, especially with such a platform as the latest version of X-Plane showcasing more up to date and overall stronger graphics and scenery textures, the older Microsoft platform is beginning to appear a little dated.

Mesh scenery add-on example in X-Plane Their use of 3-D graphics and realistic mapping would appear to continue to set it apart.

As the hour approaches evening on your virtual flight missions, the ground below will begin to glow an orange color to reflect the lights of the cities below. It appears the scenery of Prepar3D, while certainly authentic, still lags behind XP11 for intricate detail, particularly, as one user complained, around the airport scenery. Furthermore, it would appear that cost is a big issue with users when deciding whether to make the switch. A great many of the scenery add-ons come at an extra price, meaning that to set up an authentic flight plan with airports and scenery could become a very expensive business.

In terms of night lighting and night flying, however, P3D, boast some of the best night-time lights and graphics available. In fact, this might be one area where P3D has the edge on the other two flight simulation programs. And while that might not be enough to swing the deal for prospective buyers, for more veteran virtual pilots who are at a stage where they are looking for such finer details, it might be something worth bearing in mind. Example of a Boeing cockpit at night.However, I have never tried out X-Plane, so with the brand new release from Laminar Research of the X-Plane 11 featuring a full bit platform, I just had to expand my view to include X-Plane.

I know that normally X-Plane vs FSX vs P3D is almost as a religion to most simmers, but for me I just want to get the very best flight simulation experience. I am certainly very excited to test this new release and do realize that comparing X-Plane 11 to FSX would probably not be fair since FSX is a rather old platform. Testing the platform is easy and a whole lot of fun, but writing a review about it can be done in many ways as e. Therefore, I have chosen to write a review covering as much as possible but without going into all specifics.

I hope you will find my experience of XP11 and my discoveries to be interesting. I downloaded the X-Plane 11 directly from www. The version covered in this review is the original bit Home release version also known as the X-Plane Installing the platform is easily performed using the installation wizard - of course, the entire installation process takes quite some time due to the huge amount of data, however the process and certainly the installation wizard is very user friendly and it guided me nicely all the way through the installation process.

During the installation I had the possibility to select how much of the FS world that I wanted to install - this option is a great option if you only want to fly within certain regions of the FS world or if you don't have too much available space on your hard drive. If you just wanted to install the US or Europe, then the rest of the FS world would show as just ocean water - this was however not an option for me and I installed the entire Starting up X-Plane 11 for the first time I now saw a completely new user interface that I now needed to get familiar with.

It certainly does not look anything similar to FSX and even though I did not know anything about this before, I found the user interface to be user friendly, simple and logically built.

The opening screen provides three choices about flights Resume, New or Load together with an entry to a Flight School and a Settings menu.

The fun part would probably be to go directly to the flying, but I did enter the Settings menu instead. The Settings menu covers a variety of specific settings that I could customize to fit my computer and my idea of how I wanted XP11 to perform.

All the features, all settings and options are very well organized and placed logically in the various pages which can be entered directly from the Settings menu. The selectable pages are General, Sound, Graphics, Network, Data Output, Joystick, Keyboard and GPS and they all feature numerous settings and options that can be enabled, disabled or set in between using either clickable feature boxes or sliders bars. The settings and options are logically located within each page as e.

The Graphics page is focused on the textures, the antialiasing, the detailing, shadows, resolution, default view, visual offsets, etc.

Settings like language, ATC guided arrows, FPS's for the flight model, red and black-out, damage on aircraft due to stress, etc. Hi all, looking for a program to compare two file folders. I searched the internet, found Hello everyone! Just wondering if anyone have a good merge for the iFly with posky model. Advanced Search. If this is your first visit, welcome!

Please note that you will need to register to use many of the site's best features, including downloading files and posting messages. Until you register you can read any of the articles on this page and also read messages in the forums. Need help getting started? Please read our Help For New Flightsimmers.

This will give you the info you need to get started flying and using this web site. Review: X-Plane Categories: X-PlaneHF Tags: laminar researchx-planex-plane Excellent review of a simulator that truly deserve it!

You can connect to Vatsim with the plugin xSquawkbox. We all got suckered in by LR's demo several months ago. For that reason I am noy a fanboy for XP11 and have removed it. My 2 cents worth.


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